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Thoughts on Democracy VS Constitutional Republic

By David Freestone November 3, 2022

Especially during this political season we often hear our country referred to as a democracy.

However is that really correct? Are we a democracy or something more?

Our form of government is actually a constitutional republic not a democracy.

While both forms of government make use of a representational type of government, ( in other

words electing representatives to conduct the country’s business), while hopefully representing their constituency back home, who elected them. However we have a constitution which protects the rights of the governed even if the majority wants to impose their will on the minority and take away certain rights as they feel the need. Those elected representatives are required to take an oath, and to be bound by that oath, to the constitution and it’s defense. Our constitution says that we derive the inalienable rights contained in it from God not the whim of man or government. Therefore the rights guaranteed by the constitution can not be taken away or modified except by a constitutional amendment which requires the approval of 2/3’s of the states. In other words our constitution protects the rights of the individual as opposed to the rights of the majority.

The rights enshrined in the constitution inclusive of the bill of rights including the right of free speech, religion, keeping and bearing arms etc. are inviolate and can’t be legally usurped by a central government without the agreement of two thirds of the states.

Under a constitutional republic, laws that are passed by a majority of elected representatives

can be challenged in court and potentially overturned if they violate the constitution. Of

course the US Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter in this situation if lower courts can’t or won’t settle it. Republics also tend to have a free market economy where some types of democracies don’t.

Long story short the constitution is the lynch pin holding our form of government together as well as guaranteeing that the personal and inalienable rights of a free people will always be

protected from illegal acts or overreaching government. Therefore I would submit to you that

those who claim conservatives or MAGA etc. are a "threat to our democracy" do not understand the sacred underpinnings of our constitutional republic and seem to be trying to infringe on the rights of the individual as protected by our constitution.

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I agree! Good job Dave! God bless America and our wonderful Constitutional Republic. America is blessed by God as a Land or the Free as long as we Love God and obey His commandments we will continue to be blessed with freedom and prosperity. He has blessed us with our wonderful natural resourses of oil and gas. Only very confused people would think they know better than God what we should be using or that they have the power to force us to use windmills and electric cars. No where in the Constitution does it give a president, house or senate the power to force us to change the way we heat our homes or the cars we drive. The…

Me gusta

This should be mandatory teaching in every school in America. Thanks for getting out the TRUTH

Me gusta
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