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I was born in Seward, Alaska, when Aklaska was still a territory. My Dad and his brother in law headed to Alaska where Veterans were given the opportunity to chose the first sections of land to homestead. My sister just older than me was born in Anchorage, (1948), and they had two older than her. My younger brother was born in Denver after we left Alaska.

My Mom said my Dad was part Gypsy, because we moved around quite a bit until he got work in Durango at the old power plant. We live there from the time i was 4 until half of my 8th grade, when the power plant was closing down and we started moving agian. I was in 7 schools from 1st-12th grade. 5 schools in High school. We had gone back to Alaska. This time Dad found a job running the power plant in Seldovia (across the bay from Homer). It was a small fishing village. We had three boys & three of us girls in my Senior class. All grades were in one building. I hated to move the first time. Being shy, I had two good friends in Paonia, CO in 8th grade. After that, I realized to make friends I needed to be friendly myself. SO I was able to adjust and school was pretty much getting to know other kids. I realized they were as nervous as I was about meeting new people, so I got over being nervous. I have wonderful parents and brothers and sisters. My parents loved God and our Savior and discussing their beliefs with others. I have that same love. And love of people as they did. They were great conservative patriots, so I have that same strong love of this great God blessed land and conviction that our Constitution was inspired of God and a blessed land as long as we worship God and keep His commandments we will continue to be a blessed nation. I met my future husband in Bayfield where they lived for a while and then we moved and they moved, but our parents kept in touch. When he was in the Army preparing to go to Viet Nam, his Mom wrote my Mom and asked if I would like to write him while he was in the Army. She sent his Senior picture to me, and handsome as he was, how could I refuse! we wrote each other the whole time, and when he got back he came to see me and we got engaged shortly after. I was in medical assistants school at the time, He was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. He was an Air Traffic controller. We were married there. We have 5 children (a girl, three boys, and a girl). All born in Fdarmington, N.M. I am blessed with a wonderful smart and wise husband, wonderful children and now we have 19 grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. We have lived in Cortez for 37 years. Loved Colorado as a wonderful Conservative state. It has changed some, but we still love our home and friends here and hope to help it become conservative again.

Merry Freestone

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