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Support Chairman Allen Maez

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Allen Maez Under Attack Again

Your Republican Party—What Makes a Good Voting Member?

As you should be aware of by now, Precinct Caucuses will be held March 1, 2022 at 7pm at your precinct location. There are 12 voter precincts in Montezuma County:

PRECINCT 1---Pleasant View Fire Station, 15235 CR CC, Pleasant View

PRECINCT 2---Ponderosa Restaurant, 715 Railroad, Dolores

PRECINCT 3---Lewis-Arriola Community Center 21203 Road S, Cortez

PRECINCT 4---Lighthouse Baptist Church, 11502 Highway 145 Cortez

PRECINCT 5---Cortez Elks Lodge, 2100 North Dolores Road, Cortez

PRECINCT 6---Towaoc Community Center, 485 Sunset Blvd. Towaoc

PRECINCT 7---First Assembly of God, 120 South Linden Street, Cortez

PRECINCT 8---Baymont Hotel & Suites, 2279 Hawkins Street, Cortez

PRECINCT 9---Montezuma Presbyterian Church, 350 South Washington, Street, Cortez

PRECINCT 10--Catholic Community Center, 20 South Market Street, Cortez

PRECINCT 11--Mancos School Cafeteria, 355 West Grand Avenue, Mancos

PRECINCT 12--Mesa Trails Cowboy Church, 281 West Menafee Street, Mancos

The Montezuma Republican Party is at a crossroads. Due to entrenched members that vote self interest over the good of the Party, Vice Chair Casey McClellan and Secretary Gardner are making a second attempt at removing the Chair, Allen Maez from his position. They tried and failed last August. Both McClellan and Gardner have opposed financial transparency in that they feel receipts for disbursement from accounts are unnecessary. Secretary Gardner has submitted documents without authorization bearing the Chairman’s signature. Vice Chair Casey McClellan has issued proclamations without validity. McClellan and Gardner have announced a special MCRCC meeting February 23, at First National Bank at 6pm. This is restricted to voting members only. However, it is an illegal meeting as the procedure they have implemented violates State GOP By-laws. It is time to stand up.

Support Chairman Allen Maez and give our local Republican Party transparency and integrity, by voting in responsible precinct co-chairs on March 1.

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As an Independent I support Allen. His true character shines through in all he does to keep us informed.

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Accountability is essential. Thank you Allen for your integrity and insisting on operating according to the bylaws

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what are the bylaws of this and can we or should we show up?

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Antwort an

The public is usually allowed to come to meetings, but rarely allowed to give any input with the new group. When they were trying to oust Allen Maez. I asked a question and Casey refused to answer my question...said he would talk to me after the meeting. I said, "No, that would do no good for everyone else in the room who might have the same question. He said he would get to my question after the meeting when they would open it up to those who wanted to ask after they finished their business. Afterwords he opened it up for questions, and he waited until "they were out of time" to call on me. Again saying he could talk…

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