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Statement from Ron Hanks

Ron discusses "please do not write in my name on the ballot"

Two Issues in Under 400 Words

I joined two friends on their podcast, Patriot State Radio, and they recently posted an interview of two remarkable women who have earned the moniker, “Covid Angels”. They traveled the state over the last year – at their own expense – offering help and remedies for Covid and other illnesses with very positive results. Annie and Fran were first interviewed in December 2021, then earlier this month they asked to come back to offer updates on other home remedies and protocols. It was fascinating and enlightening. I encourage you to listen to Episode 45 on Given the deceit we have seen from our government regarding, well, just about everything they are involved in, it is imperative to have outside information on what we can do to protect ourselves from future events. Episode 45

  1. Many voters have contacted me to advise they would be writing in my name for US Senate in the November 8th general election. The reason they most frequently provide is that being Pro-Life matters, and the “republican” candidate on the ballot is not Pro-Life. They have a powerful point, and it brings to mind the battle we waged on the floor of the Colorado House last session – the longest floor fight in state history – fighting a radical pro-abortion bill. It took conservatives to plan and lead that fight. We fought it for God, Country, and the Unborn, and there should never be equivocation in such battles. Alas, there is too much equivocating in the party when it will not even adhere to or uphold the Pro-Life plank of its platform. I have advised against writing in my name – because that vote will not be counted. Instead, those voters can cast a recorded vote for the only Pro-Life candidate on the US Senate ballot – Libertarian Brian Peotter. Doing so, coupled with the massive numbers of voters who intend to leave many or all of the statewide races blank, will send a powerful message: the Republican Party needs to stand firm in its principles. True Republicans stand firmly on our platform and speak resolutely. Phony Republicans shape-shift and pander, then pump bilge and sleaze. The American voter can see the difference. Praying for a CONSERVATIVE Red Wave in our great nation, Ron Hanks Representative, House District 60

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I also liked Ron Hanks because he spoke out against voter fraud so strongly. I cannot believe that so many would vote for such an incompetent man for president....especially when the United States was thriving with President Trump. I will worry about this year with biden saying they will need extra days to count the votes past the close of taking in ballots. Why...If not to be able to add more to their count when they find out they've lost miserably. With crime, being over run by illegals, him destroying our coal and oil industries, high prices, inflation and the high cost of everything. I cannot imagine there won't be a major turnover.

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