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Ron Hanks Visits Eagle Pass, Texas

Feb 7

Written By Ron Hanks

1 February 2024

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

I Have Just Returned from Eagle Pass, Texas. The security of our border has been a high-level concern of mine since before the September 11th attacks on America.     America’s border insecurity, under the treasonous watch of Joe Biden and his puppet handlers, has become the Number 1 Threat to the security of American citizens.  Yesterday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson noted 85% of the aliens processed are released on parole throughout the United States, and of those, 617,000 have a criminal record.  We’ve seen the large cities in the nation buckle under the strain of sheltering these paroled migrants.  Those Sanctuary Cities, which supported this dangerous immigration policy, are now shipping paroled migrants throughout the states.  We’ve seen crime skyrocket because of this crisis (and other bad policies). One thing we can be sure of:  When any branch of government or any agency attempts to hide the truth from the American people – for example, flying thousands of paroled aliens to undeclared destinations in the middle of the night, then transporting them on unmarked busses to undeclared cities and towns – you can be sure government is acting against the will of the people. The socialist cabal that controls the modern Democrat party has upset public order, created crime and havoc, and as Speaker Johnson noted, it has seemingly been “by design”.  And the soft Republicans – always the Democrat’s loyal opposition – negotiate away the security and safety of American citizens for their own petty political advancements. These government bureaus and branches need a serious cleansing.  If it does not come about through the November 2024 elections, I do not believe it will, and we will be reading America’s Declaration of Independence on how to proceed, based on what we as a nation have already achieved while enduring similar tyranny. Here is my brief summary, followed by an expanded report.

Overview of the Border Issue at Eagle Pass: It is a state’s right to protect its citizens and sovereignty when the federal government is unwilling to do so.  The Biden Regime fomented this massive and dangerous immigration problem when it encouraged and allowed an invasion of American territory.  The stand taken by the Republic of Texas is a necessary response to yet another failure by the mentally-addled, corrupt Joe Biden. Other states offering their National Guard manpower and skillsets on Texas soil is an encouraging development of states banding together against a hostile federal government with suspect motives and policies in direct opposition to the will of the American people. The Texas “hold” on the border in Eagle Pass is small – and the invasion waves have not been reduced, only diverted. The entire border fiasco lands squarely on Joe Biden and his handlers, who WANT this invasion for their political ends.

Border Solutions To Be Enacted Immediately Upon the Restoration of Legitimate Government: First, we must recognize the Executive Branch of the US Government has the authority – right now – to turn off the immigration flow.  There is NO need for any additional legislation from Congress. Cancel all parole of immigrants (85% of the members of these immigration waves have been released on parole inside the United States). Refuse admittance to those arriving at the border (Border Crossing Cards remain valid).Advise those already paroled into the US to abandon their case and return voluntarily, with the opportunity to apply to immigrate in the future without legal prejudice. Increase Customs and Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel numbers.  Agents have been retiring or quitting in record numbers. Cut funding to Non-Governmental Organizations paying for these migration caravans. Finish the wall and prepare for significant deportation operations.

If census numbers are accurate, we are a nation of 330 million people.  If 22 million people have come into this country, that is nearly 7% of the American population.  If the number is only 6 million, that is still a number larger than the population of 33 individual states.  “Sanctuary” cities like Denver are buckling under the weight of 40,000 immigrants from this fiasco.  As more of these millions are moved throughout the country, rural areas (like Congressional District 3) are likely places for thousands to be dropped off. This surge of migration and infiltration was completely avoidable.  It is obvious the corrupt Deep State and Biden’s handlers wanted it.  Speaker Mike Johnson noted on the floor of the US House that Biden “orchestrated” this crisis.  When the Biden Regime broadcast its intent to allow a flood of immigrants granted entrance and immediate parole, the whole world got the message, including our enemies.  And it is a rogue government when it “orchestrates” the delivery of thousands of paroled immigrants in the dead of night into neighborhoods so Americans remain unaware.  As a military intelligence professional for 32 years, my foremost concern is the high number of military-age males now in our country from countries that are hostile to the United States.  These could be sleeper agents now embedded in the country by the thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands.  To think there is no significant risk, or to ignore the risks of such an invasion is a dereliction of duty, even treasonous.  From where I stand, Judas Joe Biden sold us out for the approval of his masters, for personal wealth, and political power.  Politics is all Joe Biden has ever known – other than extorting money and bribing foreign entities. Texas took a stand to regain control of a small park and golf course in a small town on a very long border.  The US government had been using the park as a holding area for thousands of immigrants while they processed and released the aliens into our nation.  The federal government did not have the right to take the space and use it in that manner, and Texas rightfully pushed back.  Other states have offered National Guard manpower, and that too is encouraging: the more states that stand together in the fight against a corrupt federal regime, the sooner we can stop the flow. But as of today, I do not believe the takeback of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass has slowed any of the flow into our nation.  It has likely only moved it upstream or downstream a short distance.  Evidence of crossings downstream was abundant.  Heaps of soiled clothing were strewn everywhere – including children’s shoes, pants, and teddy bears.  Dogs apparently brought on the trip to the US border were abandoned at the border. 

I need to point out the incredible risks to children in these caravans.  Reporting indicates the trafficking of persons as slaves or in the sex trades is a $150 billion-a-year market.  Experts note there has never been more slavery in the world than at this moment in history.  As many as two million children are lost in this world of sexual predators and slavery.  When you see small shoes, pants, and teddy bears thrown away in piles, it is very troubling.

I’ve gone to the border each time at my own expense to learn about the situation, make my own assessments, and provide some analysis.  It is true I see Joe Biden as a treacherous Judas, who has sold out this entire country for wealth and power, because of his huge inferiority complex.  It is true I think he is a fraudulently-elected agent of a foreign power.  It is true I think he is truly one of the dumbest politicians ever to strut around Washington DC.  In fact, it may be the only thing Barack Hussein Obama and I agree on As Obama said, we must “never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to f**k things up.”  All that said, this lands squarely at Joe Biden’s feet.

This country needs a grassroots resurgence.  It needs a massive reset of the US Government.  It needs audits of the Federal Reserve, and audits of every department of the executive branch.  It needs to eliminate several of those departments, including the Departments of Energy and Education.

This country needs Donald J. Trump back in the White House for 4 more years of significant reform.

I am running for CD3 because I am a proven conservative and this seat needs to remain conservative.  I believe it is imperative the US House elect a conservative Speaker of the House, and that Speaker should be ready to work with President Trump on Day 1.  The US House should be ready to build the wall on our borders, and demand enforcement of existing laws that limit immigration.

We do not have any time to lose.  The nation cannot afford a sandbagging Congress as we saw with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell in the first two years of President Trump’s first term. 

The federal government is too big.  It has police state powers.  It is weaponized against the citizens.  It is a multi-trillion-dollar trophy for the arrogant power brokers in Washington to curry favor and wealth amongst themselves.  We are left out of the equation – and we are paying the bill for their anti-American, pro-globalist behavior. 

As I conclude this report, I want to note that I did not expect to run again for public office.  The corruption of the election process and the massive kickbacks to the political parties put campaigns out of the reach of the common man.  When the incumbent congresswoman moved and filed to run in CD4, I was asked by people IN THE FIGHT right now to step forward.  I could not in good conscience decline their request.  It would feel like desertion if I were not on the frontline when I have brothers/sisters-in-arms fighting.  So I have stepped into this breach again.

Luckily, Colorado still has a grassroots caucus and assembly process.  We should never let go of those – they are our best chance to get citizen legislators into office. 

Sadly, it will come as no surprise to you then that the hard leftists – and their loyal opposition, the soft Republicans – are working to eliminate caucus and assembly, convert to ranked-choice voting, and develop a so-called “jungle” primary.  More to follow.  Please go to:  Contact me:


Ron Hanks

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I expect that soon Denver & our idiot governor will start sending bus loads of illegals to Cortez. What can we do to stop it? I am concerned enough about our schools being on the "woke" side and not stopping vaping and fights etc that is going on now. Teachers turn a blind eye. Our kids are not learning TRUE history off our country. I fear if they don't have strong teaching in their homes, they will be mush heads. Not knowing truth when they hear it. I cannot believe people in the Denver area are voting for the ridiculous people we have running our state. homeless, pot heads and illegals galore all over the streets. I would like to…

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