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Review of " The Bodies of Others" by Naomi Wolf

By Valerie Maez

Naomi Wolf’s new book, The Bodies of Others is a must read for anyone who wants a clear picture on the Great Reset. Wolf details how the New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human is not a conspiracy theory, but a dark reality and one that threatens those who believe they can live independent lives.

A passage from the book details a dinner that the author attended in New York shortly prior to the pandemic of COVID-19. The dinner was comprised of a bevy of the upper stratum of world elites, that were knowledgeable about the situation that Greece was facing. The Greeks could vote for austerity or continue funding what was deemed an unsustainable budget, given the economic situation in Greece. The World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund interests wanted to impose severe, draconian sanctions on the Greeks. The Greeks, rightly or wrongly, rejected those measures in a ballot referendum as they understood it would hollow out their small businesses and farmers and reward an elite world consortium that had tentacles in Greece. The result of the referendum was the Greeks rejected the sanctions. The world elites, furious over that vote, forced Greece to accept the sanctions, despite the vote of citizens in an independent nation. The term absolute power corrupts absolutely applies here. It is a flashing warning sign that America, if it is to survive as a Republic, must confront.

Naomi Wolf chronicles the origin of COVID-19, and those who benefited greatly from the “pandemic” and the suppression of liberties. She suggests it is just the beginning of a global effort to create a new world order of elites controlling the lives of the rest of us. Not just our lives, but the lives of future generations as well. This group of elites do not adhere to what most of us would consider basic morality and the need for Nation-states. A new world order requires the breaking down of the nation state model. Open borders and the breaking of the nuclear family concept is a major stepping stone to achieving that goal. Pandemics and emergency orders from authoritarians usurping the will of the people are tools to be utilized to advance a very dark agenda.

Stand up or sit down forever.

The choice to be informed begins with you, but by all means, read this book. For those readers unfamiliar with Conservative Grounds at 40 East Main Street in Cortez, they maintain a lending library where this book can be found.

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I have not yet read the book, but it sounds like it is where we are headed. To begin with our leaders are far overstepping their bounds on what power they have. None of our leaders should have the power to tell us we HAVE to drive electric cars and use solar panels or windmills. We live in AmericaA! We cannot be told what we have to do! Also using our tax dollars to pay for abortion...even right up to birth! Evil! God would not approve such action against his most vulnerable children. Having perversions against Gods laws taught in our schools is also a vile sin. We really needs to stand up and speak out against these and other…


Spot on, as usual, Valerie.👏😊🤗

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