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My Take on Polis's State of the State Speech

by Lori York DVM

Polis State of the State Address… thoughts and comments.

I have never listened to Polis give a speech before. This time I felt that I should hear what he had to say about the future of Colorado, and report on it so you wouldn’t have to listen to it. So I watched the recording of his speech. Well, to be honest, I couldn’t make it through the whole speech. It was awful and boring. So, in case you are are curious, here are some of my thoughts on his speech.

Early in his speech Polis commented on what COLOR Colorado was, “blue, purple .some red but, maybe not so red anymore” and he smirked.

Me: well, I did not find this funny. Selected-not-elected gov, I am here to tell you that Colorado is RED. You live in a small pocket of blue, and that is all you want to see. Just FYI, the name Colorado is of Spanish origin and means “colored RED”’

Gov: “we are a harmonious rainbow of colorful opinions”

Me: Made me sick.

Gov: he then started talking about Gandalf the Gray, and Frodo, and the TV show South Park…..

Me: Wait a minute! Is this a joke? WHAT is he talking about? Is this man really supposed to be a Governor?

Gov: He said he “wanted a Colorado for all” and that he was committed to bold ideas to move Colorado forward, including the voices of all Coloradoans.”

Me: Yea, right. Hogwash

Gov: “ We built a world class voting system” and he praised our criminal Secretary of State as a “champion of voting rights”

Me: Double Disgusting. LIAR. LIAR LIAR

Gov: “Colorado’s best days are still to come” We want to make our 150th anniversary of statehood a “celebration for the ages”

Me:I could really celebrate if you aren’t governor and Jena Griswold is in Jail.

Gov: He then started discussing “affordable housing for all” and spent the next 15 minutes or so (it dragged ) on this same subject. Then he read Isaiah 54:2-3 as an affirmation for affordable housing.

Me: I was shocked that he would use the Word of God to defend his position. How about quoting Leviticus 18:22?

Gov: He wants to make state owned land available to affordable housing all over the state.

Me: Is this OK? Is that what state owned land should be used for? An opinion from anyone?

Gov: On a positive note, he did recommend property tax relief and the decrease in our income tax. But then he discussed renewable energy and claimed that Colorado will be “100% renewable energy by 2040”

Me: NO WAY. Look how well “renewable energy” did in Texas during last year’s winter storm.

Gov: He wants to see “ an education system that prepares everyone for success” Right now, you can apply for free all day pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds.

Me: Great. Start indoctrination of our children at 3 years of age. Then please stop teaching critical race theory and gender fluidity.

Gov: He mentioned the need to booster student math skills so they can be prepared for the many jobs that are available. And then, he started TALKING LIKE YODA (from Star Wars) “2 jobs for every person” In Yoda-speak.

Me: Good gracious!! Are you kidding me?? Grow up already!

And that is when I realized that this man is not real. He is a puppet, just like Jena Griswold. Selected , not elected. Put in place by the Deep State. And this man wants to run for President one day????

Sorry, folks, that is as far as I could tolerate listening to his speech. I tried twice to get through it and failed both times. Lesson learned: I will never listen to another speech by Polis.

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Thanks Lori. I think I tried to listen to him last year. My reaction was the same. I could not get through it. He believes that Colorado is only Denver, Colorado Springs, & Boulder. They have pretty well packed them with people who agree with their way of thinking. But, as you said, Most of Colorado is RED. Most of us are conservative in our values. Unfortunately, like the schools, they adjust their speeches, so unless you really check into it, you don't catch on to inclusive meaning critical race theory & gender fluidity. I don't judge anyone by the color of their skin or what they chose to do with their private life. I just don't like anyone thinkin…

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