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Letter To The Editor

Rebecca Cradock Parents Have Rights Too!

Outgoing district superintendent, Joe Thomas Gregory, in El Paso County quoted Ronald Reagan when he said, “Trust but verify” as he referred to our children’s education. He’s right. And parents nationwide are now demanding more accountability and more transparency in the classroom. Excellence in the classroom should be verifiable by the parents who entrust their most precious treasures to those whom they have hired to educate their children. Teachers are rightfully answerable to the parents who have placed them in these critical positions of power. So when teachers are asked to share the handouts, videos and details of your children’s curriculum there shouldn’t be disagreement over your right to see them. Holding teachers, schools, and districts accountable is your prerogative, and responsibility, as an informed and loving parent. According to US News and World Report, Durango High School ranks 44% nationally for math proficiency and 35% for science proficiency. Excellency is far from being achieved. The solution might be found in changes from the top down. HD 59 deserves a representative who supports a parents right to know the content of their child’s curriculum and who encourages involvement in their child’s education. Shelley Shaw, candidate for House District 59, is that representative. Stephen Covey once said, “If we keep doing what we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we're getting.” I have read the notice on this page and agree to the terms Checked

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The only thing I heard Shelly Shaw say the I disagreed with was when I said parents should be able to go into the class room at any time to see and hear what is being taught. She said some parents can be pretty rabid and she worried that it could be a bad situation. (Not an exact quote, but the gist of it). At least we should be able to go in and watch what is being taught from a camera in the room. I think there should be cameras so what goes on should be able to be viewed. Anything seen or heard by our children should be able to be seen or heard by us.

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