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Letter to the Editor

Victoria Deal I am an unaffiliated voter and have been for many years. I prefer to see what candidates propose to do to make our state, communities, and lives better. Can they relate to me, and do they share my priorities for what is most important? Are they willing to work or are they just using buzz words and making false promises? I have never seen a person running for office that is as accessible and eager to hear from voters like me about our concerns and issues than Shelli Shaw. She seems determined to meet everyone in House District 59. Shelli is sincere and authentic. She has stepped up to take on the tremendous workload that must be accomplished to make things better for all of us. We need some energy to make positive changes, and I feel that I can trust her. I have had several opportunities to listen to Shelli speak about her beliefs and priorities and this has validated my initial impression that she is the best choice for us. As an owner of a small business and a mother, Shelli embodies the citizen representative, who after great deliberation, decided to step up and offer to be the voice for her neighbors, asking, “if not me, then who?” Shelli prayed over her decision, and thankfully for us, this amazing person is willing to take on the role as our representative

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I agree. Shelli is awesome. Was also voted for her. I don't know anyone who didn't actually. I think she is amazing, and I cannot understand how she is not in office doing wonderful things right now. I still cannot believe it was an honest election. How can the person who won, actually have won, unless there is tons of corruption and influence, favor promising, etc going on in our government. I think maybe the just tossed out all the conservative county votes? America is full of those who do nothing good...sit on their rears, don't even debate, and get into office. "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing." Right? Proof is…

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