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Help Me Write My Christmas Card Message!

by Lori York DVM

I realize that very few people send out Christmas cards anymore, but I still do. I have been sending a customized postcard every year since we moved to Colorado. We do have family and friends back East that want to keep up with our Retirement Adventure in the Wild West. Since I am no longer on the CIA-inspired surveillance tool called Facebook, this is my only way to let them know that we are still alive and well.

My usual message goes something like this: “We are doing well, raising hay, gardening, keeping busy, etc etc” But this year I don’t feel I can ignore what is happening in our country and our world. This is what I want to write: “ Wake Up People! We are at WAR. We the People no longer run this country. Biden is illegitimate, Trump won in 2020, the elections are controlled by the cabal and Satan is destroying our country.” Do you think that is too strong? For a Christmas post card?? I am afraid my liberal friends and family members will consider me crazy and write me off. Hmmm, should I care?

I also thought I could just confess outright “I am an awake (not woke), red-pilled, tin foil hat conspiracy theorist “ Maybe too much honesty???

Or I could just say “we are already in WW III, but it is a spiritual war. God still has great plans for our country, but things may get very bad before He turns us around. Please prepare for very difficult times ahead. But, above all, return to God and His Righteousness, accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, and stand strong in this battle.” I could use this message to point people to Jesus.

As I write this, I am beginning to think all these options may be too much truth to put on an annual postcard. Maybe I should just say: “Pray for our country” or “God bless us in 2023”

I just don’t know. In case you are wondering, yes, these postcards will not go out until New Years. It is not unusual for them to be late. I would love any comments or suggestions from anyone who reads this. And thank you for taking time to read my rant.

Lori York


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Hey Lori😁 Sorry I didn't see this until today. I Used to think there was hope of turning people around with logic. It does only make sense to Uphold our beloved and God Inspired Constitution. Our country ran beautifully when we were all standing up for what is right. I kept hearing, the only way to turn things around is to get people to turn to God. I figured it would be easier to get them to think logically about how great the country was when everyone was chasing honorable people to lead. Lately I have been realizing (I should have known before) that what people need to realize is how terrible and deprived our nation is getting. Getting people…

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