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Community Protest Against Superintendent Risha VanderWey Closing Schools

By Tammy Coulon

Thursday October 28, 2021 a group of community members gathered out side the Montezuma County RE1 school administration building in Cortez Colorado. Grandparents, Parents, students and small children held signs in protest against Superintendent Risha VanderWey closing schools and all after school activities.

Ms. VandeyWey had approached the school board several times prior to the closure requesting they give her full authority to shut down schools by her decision alone. The School board did not give permission to her, yet it wouls seem on Tuesday October 26th, MS. VanderWey sent out notice that the schools would be closed to in person learning on Wed. October 27t,. which would include no after school activities to continue.

The outcry from her decision could be heard as it was quickly blasted across social media.

On Tuesday Night group of students protested at the Montezuma County High School.

Students, coaches, and parents outraged for their children who were competing in sports and band who had worked so hard were now being told they could not continue.

Thursdays protest which started at the administration building moved to Main Street because the protestors found the building empty and locked.

Sometime on Thursday afternoon Ms. VanderWey sent out another notice that after school activities would be allowed.

Many see this latest notice as not near enough. They are calling for Ms. VanderWeys resignation and some say Fire her.

Something is not adding up with this and today we find chatter across social media that someone may not be telling the truth.

Below was submitted anonymously, certainly causing thought provoking questions:

Anonymously stated:"The Enemy has over played their hand"

So, somewhere, someone isn't telling the truth. When we all got the call about schools closing, a concerned community member had called the health department to find out what was going on. The call from the school had said "working alongside the health department we decided to make this decision" or something along those lines. A call went out to see what was going on with the health department and the ladies mentioned not hearing anything about it. The secretary to the superintendent said that she (the superintendent) didn't make the decision alone, that she had the board backing her, along with Bobbi Locke at the health department. Although, she mentioned, the health department said they weren't going to meddle anymore, Bobbi kept advising that this move be made. A member of the school board said "The superintendent made the decision alone, as she has the power to do that in emergency situations without the boards backing." When it was mentioned what had been told said regarding the health department not knowing, and then what the secretary mentioned about Bobbi, the board member said "The health department doesn't want to get involved, period. She did this on her decision alone." Kemper shouldn't be counted in the quarantine of 700, because there were a several classes that didn't need to be quarantined. 5 classes were out when they decided to close the school down. The numbers released make it seem a lot bigger than it is. Someone needs to bring this to light. The school district claims they want to be transparent. Transparent in what exactly? In their lies? Because none of them can get their stories straight.

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Good job everyone!!! Children should never have been kept out of school. They are the least "at risk" And if a teacher or the principal wanted to wear a mask they can do it. I think they just wanted to have more than the summer off and they get paid and can't be fired because of the unions. (Maybe they aren't in the teachers unions here...the teachers didn't used to be in the unions here but maybe they are now?) Anyway, I think Vanderway is gone now, right? So good job! I know some good people on the school board. Hopefully they are being able to keep garbage out of the schools more now than it was a few month…


Risha VanderWay was angry when the public voiced their opinions on mask mandates and the school board supported them. So she shut down schools in retaliation. Thank God that parents and children are finally waking up.


God bless the parents and children standing up for their rights! this superintendent must be stopped

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