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BREAKING: State Prosecutors Won’t Retry Arizona Rancher George Kelly… “The Nightmare is Over”

By Cristina Laila Apr. 29, 2024 6:00 pm

The Gateway Pundit

Photo of the Kelly home from

LKY: Thank goodness for a fair trial with a jury of your peers!

State prosecutors on Monday said they will not retry Arizona rancher George Kelly after a judge declared a mistrial following a hung jury.

Judge Thomas Fink last Monday declared a mistrial after an Arizona jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the murder trial for Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly.

Jurors deliberated a couple of weeks ago and were unable to reach a verdict. Deliberations continued on the following Friday and after more than 7 hours the jury sent a note to the judge and informed him they could not reach a verdict.

Far-left protestors posted up outside of the court in Nogales demanded a retrial.

Reporters caught up with George Kelly as he walked out of court.

“The nightmare is over,” George Kelly told reporters.

A reporter asked George Kelly if he’s worried protestors will show up to his house and he responded, “God will look after me like He always has…”

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I hope God has help protecting this poor man. He was only protecting his home and family as every American has the right to do. We all need to stand together to keep our God given freedom. America has done just fine all these years. And now a few loud, obnoxious people who scream and shout and cow so many people into thinking they can't speak up about our rights. I don't care what color anyone is, as American's we have the right to protect ourselves and our property, and if need be. to step in and protect the innocent as Daniel Penny did on the subway. Thankfully he was there with the other two brave men who helped him…

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