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A.I., Dominion Elections, and that Human Touch

By Valerie Maez 2.16.23

Artificial Intelligence, (A.I.) is from the Tech/Government interface and they are here to help. No humans, certainly not the skeptical kind, need apply. For better or worse I was taught to question just about any thing that elected officials promoted. That should not be interpreted as being opposed to whatever was being advocated. It meant that as a citizen we had an obligation to hold our government in check, as human nature has its weak points, and the desire to rule rather than govern is a primordial urge of predator against prey. Angry voices often demand our attention, slick public relations meant to inflame our basic instincts urge us to take action against a perceived threat. Psy-ops litter the Cyber world. Filtering out what is fact versus emotion has never been more important to our basic system of self government than it is today. It is possible that America won’t survive as a beacon for free people, as many efforts internally and externally to undermine her, are in play.

Our government’s full throat support of artificial intelligence, a surveillance state, and electronic voting tabulation should unite us rather than divide us as citizens. It isn’t a conspiracy theory if they really are after you to do away with your rights. They work for us. Not the reverse. Our local school boards signed off on mask mandates, closing schools, vaccine mandates involving experimental gene therapy, critical race theory, transgender curriculum for elementary age children who are susceptible to believe just about anything a trusted adult tells them. It seems that whenever they are up for an election, they tell us about their conservative, Christian values. Where were their vocal cords when signing off on these things? Silence gives assent. Give these people the boot because they are either lying to you, or they failed to be skeptical when they should have been.

Trust is the key, and a look at various polls shows there isn’t much trust left in the collective us.

There is now a new political party that has gained official designation in Colorado. The No Labels Party submitted 18,046 signatures on a petition to the Secretary of State’s office on January 4, 2023. Secretary of State Jenna Griswold certified 11,821 of the signatures to be valid and that the No Labels Party was eligible to be on election ballots. No Labels presents itself to voters as problem solvers and moderate in their policy statements on their website, The national organization was formed December 13, 2010 as a 501(c)(4) in Washington D.C. by Nancy Jacobson and Tom Davis, with Joe Lieberman and Larry Hogan as supportive elected officials. Given the sad state of both major political parties, expectations are the No Labels Party will make inroads into both of those voter groups.

The fact is that political parties have a vested interest in convincing you to donate money and vote for their candidate. They have had very little interest in transparency as to how they vote, and even less interest in real public participation in how they conduct their business. A local example was the February 14, Organizational Meeting for the Montezuma County Republican Central Committee. Outgoing Chairman Allen Maez made considerable effort to encourage Republicans to come to the meeting. On a day that held a Winter Storm Advisory that resulted in very icy roads, many did, only to see the Committee vote to deny visitors a chance to ask questions of those seeking election to the Executive Board. Voting members also attempted to eliminate having candidates nominated from the floor. Chairman Maez ruled it out of order, due to by-laws. Clearly, the entrenched voting members of the MCRCC were more interested in serving themselves over their voter base. There is no other possible interpretation of those events.

In an effort to restore the human touch to our elections there is currently a community survey underway to assess how voters feel about Dominion Election Voting versus how we used to vote and count the ballots. Conservative Grounds at 40 East Main has them available for those interested.

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Thanks Valerie for the info. We truly appreciate you keeping us informed and appreciate Allen for his dedication in truly caring about those he represented. I know he spent many hours and gave his time to making sure we knew who was running for office and getting things done so the people had great representation.


The only way to be sure our votes are legal is to do the paper, in person ballots. And showing you ID when you vote. There never used to be any question of cheating when we had that way of doing things. If you want to have any say in who represents you, you should be willing to vote with a paper ballot. I believe if we insist on continuing to have a machine do it, then it should automatically show how your vote was counted so you know it registered your vote as you voted. We forgot to go to the meeting on the 14th! I get pretty disgusted with my forgetfulness. I had it on the calendar, but…

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