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Why is the Left Melting down over a Flag with a Tree on it?

By Lori York

May 30,2024


I did not know what the “Appeal to Heaven“ flag was.  I had to look it up.  From the website: The Appeal to Heaven flag was designed by Colonel Joseph Reed who served as the personal secretary to George Washington. Originally commissioned for use on six military cruiser ships, the flag was adopted on October 21, 1775. It became the official Massachusetts navy flag in 1776.

And it looks so simple!  It features a “singular pine tree, a symbol of strength and resiliency within the New England states. The words “Appeal to Heaven” stretched atop a white field boldly proclaims an appeal to God to save the colonists from the King’s oppressive ruling.”  So the flag is very historical, and an important symbol of our Revolution.  I like it!  But , that mentioning heaven thing…..if you don’t believe in God, then you probably don’t believe in Heaven (and maybe then Hell too?). Oh, and, "appealing to heaven" is like PRAYING, oops. I forgot we are not allowed to pray. There is that separation of Church and State thing.

So it turns out that there were some of these flags carried by people at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. So NOW the flag becomes a symbol of the “insurrection”.  And if you fly it , you are now considered an “insurrectionist”.  And a Christian nationalist.

Then we find out that Supreme Court Justice Samuel  Alito had this flag flying over his beach house back IN 2022.  So I guess that NOW he can’t be trusted to be impartial on ANY cases that are coming up concerning J6. At the time  the NY Times actually investigated this “flag flying CRISIS” and discovered that the flag was placed there by Justice Alito’s wife and it concerned a dispute with a neighbor.  The NY Times decided it was not an issue worth reporting.

The most hilarious left melt-down to me was by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  In an interview with the Daily Mail.UK she claimed “Samuel Alito has identified himself with the same people who raided the Capitol on January 6.” And  that Alito “is now going to be presiding over court cases that have deep implications over the participants of that rally. And while this is a threat to our DEMOCRACY, Democrats have a responsibility to demand defending our democracy”

Girl, baby Girl, GET OVER IT.

This is a ridiculous claim and just another attempt to get rid of conservative justices on the Supreme Court. It has been pointed out by conservatives that Ruth Bader Ginsberg , being the radical liberal that she was, made her personal opinions on abortion very obvious in her speaking engagements and donations, but she was NEVER asked to recuse herself from hearing cases relating to abortion. They cannot now expect Justice Alito to recuse himself from cases because his wife flew a flag at his beach house in NJ.

This flag is a symbol of our American Revolution, a symbol of our freedom, and an appeal to OUR GOD to save our country from CRAZY LEFTISTS like AOC.

I WANT ONE OF THOSE FLAGS!! We all should fly them.   We will have them available for purchase for $30 at Conservative Grounds, the Republican Women HQ at 11 N. Broadway in Cortez. They also can be purchased  at for $24.99 plus shipping.

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