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Who owns the buildings?

Letters to the editor by Cynthia Robsion

I want to let everyone know that I worked at the racetrack in 1997. I worked for the Montezuma county senior center. Part of my job description was working at the racetrack. The track was run by the county then. It was losing money, so they stopped running it. I'm not sure what the racing commission is that the county commissioners are talking about. I just know that the county used to run the track. When the county commissioners said that the county has never put any money into the maintenance of the track when it was ran by the county who was responsible for the maintenance? Who owns the buildings at the track if the county didn't build them? How long was the first contract for with the racing commission? Wouldn't the county have a backup plan if the racing commission left from the track? Did the contracts with the other promoters at the track say that the racing commission was responsible for maintenance? Did they tell Gene the racing commission was responsible for maintenance? Has anyone ever heard of the racing commission before today? And if they just put the contract out to the public, how come the county commissioner's already have emails of promoters wanting to take over the track? I want to see those emails and when they were sent to the commissioners. Cynthia Robsion

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Why was this posted? This is not a Letter to the Editor or even really an article.


Cynthia, my husband and were involved with the race track in the late 90s. The county provided equipment and supplies so that members of the racing association could make improvements at the track.


I agree with you Cynthia! Who are these so called promoters they have lined up? Make it public commissioners because WE the public want to know!


excellent questions warrant answers

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