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by Lori York DVM 1-23-23

WHO I REALLY RUNNING OUR COUNTRY? Do you ever wonder about this? C’Mon Man, you know it is not Biden. Biden is a demented puppet whose best talent is telling lies and taking bribes. Who knows? Maybe in his messed-up brain he really believes all his lies.

You know Biden is not making any real decisions regarding running this country. So who is? An evil deep state cabal is, but who is in charge? Whoever it is, it is obvious with this “classified documents” scandal that the cabal is done with Biden. He has served out his usefulness. But, do they really want him to resign? THEN what do we have….Kamala? Good gracious, we are already a laughingstock to the rest of the world. But then the Evil Cabal doesn’t really care about that. Their goal is to destroy the United States, and so far they are doing a very good job at it.

So, again, do they force Biden to resign? Or do they just want him to decline to run again in 2024? And then, I guess, they tell Kamala to get lost. Good grief, I think she would have a nervous breakdown trying to play President. Do you ever wonder what world leaders think when they must meet with her? I bet they dread it. Do they roll their eyes?

Gosh, there is SO MUCH happening behind the scenes, some things that we will probably never know about. 2023 is going to be a year with a LOT happening, a lot of big changes, maybe a lot of chaos. I would love to see puppet Biden gone, but then what?

God has a Plan. He has promised that Trump will be President again. Well, since I am a tin foil hat conspiracy theorist, I believe that Trump IS STILL actually President, but when will it be obvious to everyone else? Only God knows. It is in His Timing.

God, in His amazing Love and Grace for this country, will use Trump and bring America back from the brink of totalitarianism and communism. God has plans to make America a beacon of Light, Hope and Righteousness to the rest of the World. We have to stay strong, keep believing, but also to continue to work towards that goal.

Dear Father God, thank you for allowing each of us to be born in this great country, and in a time like this. Forgive us for allowing all the evil to operate in our government, and PLEASE MOVE in YOUR ALMIGHTY POWER to destroy this evil and God-less society. Please put America back on its path You had planned for it.

In Jesus’s Name. Amen

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😊Very good Lori. I don't know if President Trump is going to be our next President. It depends on how much longer the time will be until the Savior returns to Earth. I would love it if that were so. Only God knows the time. I know God sees and knows all the evil that is going on on the Earth. I know America is a blessed and chosen land as long as we worship God and trust in Him. I know our Constitution was inspired of God and our forefathers were guided in it's writing. I know we should do all we can to help others to know of Jesus Christ, and witness to them of Him....To help them…

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