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Who Is In Control?

Dexter Gill Thu, Apr 6, 1:03 PM

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The recent mass of outrageous Bills in the State Legislature caused some of us to question how this came to be. And what does the future hold for the State? Well here is an opinion from one of us as food for thought. Kinda long, but the future is also long. Editorial WHO is in CONTROL? With all the “activity” in Washington and mass of individual Bills in our legislature, it is easy to be distracted from the larger and more ominous picture in the background. In the last report, we mentioned concern regarding the current Bill SB23- 213 “Land Use”. That Bill provides for the STATE, via its Agencies, to usurp and control the Land Use Planning from all the Counties. The Bill provides for the State agencies to determine what can and cannot be done in/by the “subservient” Counties. That has raised a BIG red flag! What is happening? A number of “seemingly unrelated”, Bills this year are directly related to each other through the 2021st Legislature, where it directed the State and its agencies to plan and propose legislation to comply with the “Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap”, which is in concert with the UN Climate Agenda and the Paris Accord to reduce Carbon emissions by2030, and that the State has adopted and seeks to be leading the Nation in those efforts. The 2021st Legislature passed SB-21-264 ; SB21-246; HB21-1238; HB21-1286; HB21-230; HB21-231;HB21-1105; HB21-1303; SB21-260; HB21-1266, all to set up what we are seeing in this year’s Legislative action to Subject the Counties and people there-in to greater control by the State. They actually did one ludicrous one last year, the anti- plastic bag law, which will also include the carry home Styrofoam containers from your favorite restaurant. Now you ask why does the State want SB23-213 for controlling the Counties land use and planning? Simply put, they know the rural counties and towns are concerned with economic stability, costs of energy, food, construction and overall living, all of which directly impact an area’s social stability, i.e. (crime and violence). The States imaginary goal of reducing Carbon emissions, is 180 degrees contrary to the needs and desires of the Counties, and will greatly raise costs on ALL of the above and greatly decrease social stability and overall living. Therefore, to achieve the States commitment to the UN Climate Change agenda, it must control the plans and actions of the Counties in ALL areas of life. A FEW of the current Legislative Bills that fit this agenda in addition to SB23-213 are: SB-016, SB23-092, HB23-1066, HB23-1085; HB23-1154; HB23-1233; HB23-1210; HB23-1255; HB23-1252; SB23-150; SB23-198; HB23-1242; HB23-1257; HB23-1272; SB23-250; SB23-254; and the list goes on. What is happening is NOT and will NOT improve the environment or lives of the people of Colorado. It is simply to fully control all aspects of the peoples’ lives, jobs, food, transportation, health, protection, under the guise of saving the planet. Raising the costs of energy production and use, costs of living, and increasing social unrest, by banning firearms and masking cows to prevent them from belching CO2 from the much needed plant food, is some unintended consequences of such proposals. Pretending to reduce carbon for the false god of the UN’s faux environmental goal, is a massive cost to the environment and people of Colorado, threatening their lives and future. This should not be a partisan political game with the Counties and people as Pawns. Who has written and proposed these Bills that gives State agencies controlling power over the Counties and people’s lives there-in? The answer is the State Agencies themselves, not “We the People” of the 64 Counties. The legislative actions no longer represent the People in securing our individual Liberty and freedom under the Constitution, in building the future of all the State. Most of the legislation is the “employees”, asking the peoples’ representatives (legislature) to give the employees full control and power over their employer, “We the People”. That is not how the State Constitution is written. Legislation should be initiated by the Counties representing the people there-in, not State agencies and special interest lobbies. The State is to support the Counties, not rule them. It would be well for the Legislators and Governor to comply with their oath of office to uphold the Constitution by not establishing these new statutes that circumvent and or violate the basic tenets of the States Constitution in an apparent attempt to gain political favor with Washington and the United Nations, with the false narrative of Carbon Reduction. Now is the time to recognize local County governments as the most efficient and viable governing body in this very diverse State, geographically, politically, economically, socially and spirituality. The past two plus years of the States Dept. of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) virtually Ruling, Controlling and destroying many people’s lives and economy, should have been a wake-up call to correct this serious problem, rather than today’s increasing and worsening of the problem. Now that we recognize what has been and is happening, what do we do? Agreeing with each other in the choir will not change what is! Do our Legislators understand and agree with what needs to happen, and will they be willing to initiate legislation to accomplish the task? That will only happen if WE/YOU contact them and inform and gain their support to take action to empower the Counties to control their own individual futures, together as a full State. My opinion, Dexter Gill

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