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By Lori York

Have any of you been wondering what ever happened to the Arizona (Maricopa County) Forensic Audit? Well, I have! So here is what I have learned:

First, I waited and waited with great anticipation for the Final Results. What took so long? Finally on September 24 the “Results” were released to the Arizona Congress. What did we hear? The MSM said “we told you so, Biden WON” WHAT????? I was shocked.

My expectations from the Audit were unrealistic. I was hoping for a " Big" statement such as, “Trump really got 20,000 more votes than Biden and Arizona truly went for Trump”. After giving it thought I realized that is not what the Audit meant to show. They carefully examined the Ballots to determine if they were legitimate and should have been counted. They did not prove that all the illegitimate ballots voted for Biden. There are now 3 volumes to the Official Audit Report, and I find them difficult to read and comprehend. I wanted short statements like “there were x number of illegitimate ballots and they should not have been counted”. That is not how the report is written. The report listed 46 findings that could question the validity of the election. The largest number of ballots impacted were from mail-in ballots voted from prior addresses (23,344), people that voted from multiple counties (10,342), and more ballots received that were sent out (9041). These are just the top 3 findings.

The audit questioned at least 57,772 ballots. That is 5X the number of votes that Biden supposedly received to win over Trump (10,457), according to journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Remember, this is just ONE county in Arizona. The list of discrepancies is long, and this list does not include the findings from Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on his kinematic audit. He is now publishing those results in several volumes.

The conclusion of the audit was not meant to say, “Who Won” (my misunderstanding). They showed that the election results cannot be trusted., and the election should be Decertified.

So, what happens next? All the results and data were sent to the State Attorney General Mark Brnovich. It was announced that the investigation has turned into a criminal case, but then it became a big nothing-burger. State Senator Wendy Rogers has stated that arrests can be made now, and that she will continue to put pressure on the AG.

The Arizona Senate will meet again in January, but it appears that the senate is reluctant to go forward with decertification. Right now, they are still 2 votes away from this decision, and the 2 senators are very resistant to go along. So, we wait some more….

Look for my next article on what decertification could mean.

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