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We Must Stand with Arizona against Election Fraud

By Lori York DVM

We need to pay attention to what is happening now in Arizona. The election in Maricopa County was obvious, in-your-face criminal voter suppression of Republican votes. On Monday the county supervisors smugly ignored all the citizen protests and testimonies and certified the election. The citizens of Arizona are furious, and now have to hope there are some honest constitutional judges left in the state that will be wiling to rule that this election was fraudulent and must be redone.

“Oh, but that’s Arizona, it’s not our problem” you may say. Actually, it matters to the WHOLE COUNTRY. Kari Lake was going to declare an invasion at our southern border and shut it down. Don’t you think that would be a good thing for Montezuma County? Maybe it would decrease our drug problems, the drug trafficking, and the gang crime that we now face? Our county should be screaming our support of Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh. There was no way those in control in Arizona could allow those candidates to win. They would expose all the corruption in the state, and officials would be going to jail.

“Oh, but election fraud doesn’t happen here, we have the gold standard of Fair Elections”, says Kim Purcell and our county commissioners. No, we actually have the Gold Standard of Dominion Election Fraud. Our fraud is still hidden in the manipulation of votes inside the machines. Do you really believe that the people in Colorado voted to reelect the evil, criminal, power-hungry Secretary of State Jena Griswold? Do you really think that it took over 7 days to count the ballots(votes?) in the Boebert/Frisch race, when all the other races were called in a few days? Hmmm, don’t the machines count ALL the votes on each ballot AT THE SAME TIME? The counting dragged on because the Enemy was searching for fake ballots they could use to vote against Lauren. I think that Lauren eventually won because she had enormous support and they ran out of fake ballots. The machines can switch votes, but at this time maybe they didn’t want to be too obvious. Ah, but there is going to be a recount!

PAY ATTENTION FOLKS! The Commissioners will soon be looking at renewing the contract with Dominion Voting Systems. More on this later. Yes, Kim, you do run a fair election to the best of your ability, but you don’t control the machines. We are all so proud that Montezuma County votes conservative. But we are still controlled by the State, and by illegal regulations passed by the EVIL Secretary of State. We now have legal abortion up to birth, legal psychedelic mushrooms and tax increases that we personally did not vote for.

There is Election Fraud in every county in every state in this country. The Justice Department is corrupted. We are losing our country, and we are losing it FAST. We feel safe in our little conservative county, but it won’t last. We must do whatever we can to fight for righteousness to return to America.

Support Kari Lake, Mark Finchem, Abe Hamadeh in Arizona.

Speak out against mail-in ballots and machine counting.

PRAY for our county, our State and our obvious, in-your-face criminal voter suppression of Republican voters.

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