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We Knew They Would Cheat, Why are We Discouraged?

By Lori York DVM

Photos from "Restoring election Integrity" in The New American, The Gateway Pundit and The Bull Elephant

We knew they would cheat, didn’t we? And YES, they did. But, please, do not give up HOPE. I admit, I did have a day of despair and depression on Wednesday. Today, I am happy with the results we got, and angry and determined to expose the fraud.

There is truly HOPE after these elections, but the Media is hiding it from you. The cheating almost cost Lauren Boebert her seat, but she is now ahead by 1122 votes (as of Saturday morning). Oops, didn’t the media announce that she had LOST? And Shelli Shaw, Shelli if you haven’t conceded yet, PLEASE DON’T. I am sure they cheated in your race too.

The Good Guys now have ALL THE DATA!! They watched this election vote by vote, county by county, all over the country. This time they knew what to look for and what data to collect. Do you remember President Trump saying “We caught them. We got it all”? Well, we got it all in this election! The Brilliant Numbers People have not had much sleep since Tuesday, and they are tracking everything. You can hear from Tech Experts like Jeff O’Donnell, Draza Smith, Data Jeff and Seth Keshel on recent Podcasts and hear them explain the cheating they have already seen. Watch Jeff O’Donnell’s appearances on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, or on Conservative-Daily. You can see Seth Keshel’s interview on America Can We Talk with Debbie Georgatos. You can also go to and see for yourself the election data collected from every state.

What are the POSITIVE RESULTS we can be HAPPY about?

1. Florida flipped completely RED. (note to self: find out what Florida did to fight the fraud)

2. The GOP now controls the US House. Nancy Pelosi has lost her job. (note: Nancy even left the country the day after the election. Maybe she went for a job interview?????)

3. There is still a chance that the GOP will win control of the US Senate. This will depend on the run-off involving Herschel Walker in Georgia.

4. Many long-standing powerful Democrats LOST their seats

So, are you MAD ENOUGH YET? Are you finally determined to do something about it? My first thought was: “What do we do now?” Below are some ideas:

1. PRAY. GOD IS WORKING IN THIS. It is just that HIS PLAN is not OUR PLAN (it is probably better because, after all, He is God). God is hearing the prayers of the Believers, but His Timing is not our timing. (That is what frustrates me the most)

2. DONATE to help fund all the lawsuits that will come out of this election. One example: you can give to is the This organization supports lawsuits all around the country.

3. Work to make changes LOCALLY. Let’s start with petitioning our County Commissioners to NOT renew Dominion Voting Systems License in December. The Republican Women of Montezuma County have voted to put this request to the County Commissioners. YOU can email each commissioner requesting this also! You can email each commissioner through the county website Go to Commissioners Agenda and then go way down to the lower right-side corner and you can click on “Email” for each commissioner.

Let us continue to BE POSITIVE and HOPEFUL. GOD has got this! And remember, GOD WINS.

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