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Visa & Mastercard Will Not Track Gun Purchases

Well, this is good news!

Visa and Mastercard have dropped their plans to track gun purchases after pressure from those dang freedom lovers

··Mar 10, 2023 ·

Major credit card companies Visa and MasterCard have decided to backtrack on their plan to track gun purchases, a major win for the 2nd Amendment and the right to privacy for Americans.

From Breitbart:

Visa and Mastercard have halted their plans to use a new merchant code to track gun purchases. WAFB reported that Visa and Mastercard's pivot is "a significant win for conservative groups and Second Amendment advocates who felt that tracking gun shop purchases would inadvertently discriminate against legal firearm purchases."

Currently, the plan is "paused," so it doesn't mean that Visa and MasterCard are both giving up the game.

But it does provide Republican lawmakers and conservative states an opportunity to begin passing laws banning the tracking of gun sales in the meantime to prevent these types of invasions.

If you are a Discover Card user, however, that company plans to go ahead with its tracking of gun sales.

Discover card plans to begin tracking gun and ammunition purchases in April, Breitbart News reported March 2. Reuters pointed out that Discover Financial Services was ahead of Visa and Mastercard in February 2023, noting that Discover would "allow its network to track purchases at gun retailers come April, making it the first among its peers to publicly give a date for moving ahead with the initiative, which is aimed at helping authorities probe gun-related crimes." The code for tracking gun purchases was approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in September 2022, and an ISO representative indicated, "The decision to use the new merchant category code is eventually left up to the users in the industry."

While it is a victory for conservatives in the short term, states need to begin throwing up legal roadblocks for those wishing to track gun buys.

That is, unless we all want to be on FBI domestic terror watchlists because we dared to keep and bear arms!

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