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Veterans Drive Success!

October 31 2022

"Want to humbly thank our community for their out of this world contribution to This year's Veterans drive. We cannot be more proud of the people that put this together or contributed to this drive. We Veterans truly appreciate your support!"

A Local drive to fill some needs of the pantry at the Veterans Outreach Center closed on Monday October 31st. The out pour of generosity and love from the community was heart warming. Our Veterans deserve honor and care and the community efforts showed who we are and where are hearts are.

The drive began October 17th and ended October 31st. Organized by the Montezuma County Patriots, the word spread quickly and the needs were met. This is the 2nd annual Veterans pantry needs drive, the first one in 2021 was also a wonderful success.

The Montezuma County Patriots would like to thank everyone who donated to this drive. Our community never fails to rise up to the needs of others. We are blessed to live in such a loving community.

Thank you

Sherry Simmons

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