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"Vaccine Exemptions That Will Astound you"

From a recently published (Sept. 15,2021) Bitchute podcast Jeff Rense gives a run down on the covid 19 vaccine mandate exemptions as follows:

Who Is Exempt?

  • All Of Congress

  • All of Congressional Staff, House and Senate

  • 6,000 White House Employees

  • 2,500 Pfizer Employees

  • 1,500 Moderna Employees

  • 120,000 Johnson and Johnson Employees

  • 15,000 CDC Employees

  • 14,000 FDA Employees

  • 8 Million Students from China

  • 2 Million Illegal Migrants

  • 500,000 (or more) Homeless, Street and Tent People

Here is a little more JFYI

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WOW!!! When is everyone going to start standing up and stop bowing down and conceding!!!

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