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Update from FC912 News Bytes:

By Dexter Gill November 3, 2022

We have been a little lax in providing info on the County actions, mainly because much of the BOCC actions are in dealing with mostly routine matters and the ever present Land Use Code issues. However we will mention that recently it was mentioned that the"Loves Truck Stop" is still supposed to happen, maybe begin work next spring.. Groundhog reservoir repairs are complete and refilling to resume. The "Ironwood" mill is working toward achieving "Compliance" in the permit by removing the wood residue pile, which is taking place now with residue going to the Landfill where it will be composted. Some will be going to Grand Jct. for landscaping material.

Upcoming issues are NEXT WEEK , on Monday Nov. 7 Daylighight Saving time is OVER, So set your clock BACK one hour that night. You get to sleep in, ha. Then Tuesday the 8th is ELECTION DAY!!! If you have not voted already, BE SURE TO VOTE!!! Then be prepared to Follow UP after elections with WHO EVER is elected, whether your choice or not, to provide your concerns on the future needs you seek to be represented on.! In the State Legislature, the Representative and Senator represent "numbers of people" in a grouping of Counties, NOT the County. For example, our one Representative will be representing 88,826 people within about 8 counties. That is 88 thousand different ideas and wants for the Rep. to do for them! We are alll just ONE of the mass. So be prepared !

One item that did come up in Yesterdays BOCC meeting was a concern presented over the Failure of our local Health System recently to provide ANY form of medical care for a HIGHLY compromised resident with Covid, offering only "tough it out"! This action represented the failure of the STATE CDPHE in doing it's job in providing health care, (IT ACTUALLY PREVENTED IT), rather than National Politics. What can WE in Montezuma County Do? We will need to look into this quickly, as the Legislative session will begin and that will be a place to start. Well enough for now

Remember VOTE!!!!

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