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Unofficial results and leaders: The 2024 City Council election

By Bailey Duran Special to The Journal

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2024 9:19 PM Updated Wednesday, Apr. 3, 2024 11:18 AM

On Tuesday, the city of Cortez held its election for City Council members, and though official results won’t be available until Thursday, April 11, early results show the top four candidates.

Voting closed at 7 p.m. with 1,351 ballots returned, and unofficial results show that Mayor Rachel Medina received 762 votes, Dr. April Randle 742 votes, Bill Lewis 703 votes and current Councilor Robert Dobry 654 votes.

According to voting officials, 5,537 ballots were sent out before to the election and 1,351 ballots were returned Tuesday night. Cortez City Clerk Linda Smith said that in 2022, 1,692 ballots were turned in, which was less than 2020’s total of 1,725.

Official results will be available after missing and remaining ballots are tabulated and ballot signature

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