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Unconstitutional Mask Mandate

February 8, 2022

Dear Honorable Judge Doug Walker:

I am extremely concerned by your continued wielding of unconstitutional and almost dictatorial powers in your district courts! I am of course speaking of your mandate of forcing the mask issue. Masking is and never has been mandated in Montezuma county. Our Board of County Commissioners decreed early in this pandemic, that masks were not mandated in any part of Montezuma county. Currently, our state Governor, Jared Polis has also lifted this mandate STATE WIDE! My question to you sir, then, is why do you continuously support something that is unconstitutional in that it is NOT A LAW?

I recently heard of a troubling and unlawful use of your mandate as it related to a person that was attempting to attend a court hearing that was scheduled for him. This person, constitutionally supported, refused to wear a mask to attend a hearing In the district court in Cortez. I COMPLETELY support his choice and constitutional right to not wear a mask. He was refused entrance into the hearing and was removed from the premises. A bench warrant was then issued for his arrest and this person spent 5 hours in police lock up ( as he turned himself in to prevent further false charges.) The mask mandate IS NOT A LAW so therefore he was wrongly accused and arrested!

Judge Walker, I would like to further inform you that your actions have consequences and that you, if my friends and fellow community members have anything to do with it, WILL BE VOTED OUT as a District judge in Montezuma county! You ARE NOT our dictator and your tyrannical methods will not be supported in our county!!

Melanie Filener

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