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UH OH- Coffee is now Causing Climate Change

I think this may be getting really ridiculous.. now THEY want to take away your coffee......

(and did you hear that our gas stoves are killing us?)

from The Gateway Pundit:

Researchers Claim Coffee Is Contributing To Climate Change

By Anthony Scott Published January 19, 2023 at 9:00am

First red meat, then gas stoves, and now coffee. Researchers from Canada are currently analyzing coffee’s “contribution to climate change”. The new analysis was published by researchers from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in a piece titled “Here’s how your cup of coffee contributes to climate change” In their analysis researchers concluded “Limiting your contribution to climate change requires an adapted diet, and coffee is no exception. Choosing a mode of coffee preparation that emits less GHGs (greenhouse gases) and moderating your consumption are part of the solution.” In their study, the researchers compared the climate impact of traditional filter coffee, Encapsulated filter coffee, Brewed coffee (French Press) and Soluble coffee (instant coffee). The study concluded traditional coffee has the highest carbon footprint. Many users on Twitter were upset about the new study. Take a look at some of their takes:


"I'll give up my extra coffee when the elites give up their private jets and coastal mansions -- which were supposed to be submerged in rising tides ten years ago."

from The Triune Times

@TriuneTimes on Twitter

Does anyone know of a recycling option for "reusable capsules" ANYWHERE????

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