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Trunk Or Treat Gave More Than Candy to Hundreds of Children

By Kelly Moore-Chesney

Saturday, October 31, 2021, will be remembered for some time. Tammy Coulon, a Montezuma county resident, had a vision. She wanted to give local children a day of fun, She wanted them to forget the past year and a half of Covid madness and just have some fun. Her hard work and steady dedication certainly paid off.

Tammy, along with a group of Montezuma County Patriots, handed out candy, prizes, came up with and participated in games for the children.

Clint Simmons and his two horse team gave wagon rides to well over 200 adults and children. The wagon would hold 8-10 passengers and toured non-stop for 3 hours.

The crowd lined up for their turns and happily waited for as long as 30 minutes. At times the end of the line was not visible, stretching back to Main Street.

Tammy talked about the children last year and the complete lack of any activities for them due to the Covid shut down. She also talked about the children on the reservation, who may have been suffering the most, as that lock-down has been more intense and has been going on even longer. She wanted a time for the children to forget the Covid mess, and just have fun; to just be kids.

The event was held at the old court house parking lot on Main Street. The parking lot and surrounding street were packed with cars.

Several hundred children giggled, played games and took home quite the stash of candy. The event was free, including the wagon ride. It was not just the children who had a great time, parents did, as well. Letting children have fun, dress up, and play games was good for everyone; for those who participated and those who watched.

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What a beautiful article.. We must pay attention to our kids. All awhile in the path of a complete lock down of our schools, while our superintendant was out riding her bicycle on a $125k salary, full benefits including dental with all expenses being paid including her insurance and fuel on her private vehicle. They want us to support her? She cant even stand with and support the protest by our kids on this day or reply to an email. Probably even having someone else put together the messages going out to parents. #Fire Risha VanderWey

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