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TRUMP as SPEAKER? What an Idea!

Is This Where We Tell Our Congress Person To Vote Trump For Speaker? From The Marshall Report

Is it time to have the people tell their congress representatives who they want to lead their congress? Imagine that one? This just might start a whole new trend for having a congress that listens to what is the best thing for the nation instead of making swamp deals with foreign influencers like WEF, UN, EU, and the IMF. Imagine doing what “We The People” need and want instead of Big Corporations and foreign heads! NEVER FORGET WHO MCCARTHY REALLY IS AND WHAT HE STOOD FOR WHEN PATRIOTS NEEDED HIM THE MOST IN THE STOLEN ELECTION!

And as our member JP reminded us all and pointed out…. McCarthy voted for: – same sex marriage – vax mandates for military – $100B for Ukraine – to use Medicare to fund USPS – drafting of women – J6 committee – DC as the 51st state – amnesty for DACA In an article titled: “New Survey Shines Light On Republican Voters’ Feelings Towards McCarthy” The DC Enquirer stated the latest Rasmussen Report per national telephone and online survey found that 35% of Likely U.S. Voters believe Republicans should choose Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House, while 41% say the GOP should not elect McCarthy as the next Speaker.” Not only is McCarthy not wanted, but 73.5 percent of Republicans want Rona McDaniels to get out of the way of the Republican Party Chair. On Thursday, Former Rep. Anthony Sabatini spoke out on Twitter that the Republican party needs to “FIRE RONNA & KEVIN”. Read: New Survey Shines Light On Republican Voters’ Feelings Towards McCarthy – DC Enquirer It is becoming increasingly clear that the Republican grassroots are fed up with the current leadership of the party and are now demanding a new direction! Like a direction that will listen to the will of the people and put them first and stop the private club thing they’ve been doing that rewards the highest bidder for backroom deals and giving billions to Ukraine! So the wicked ones are getting called out for their past bully pits and other crimes of power grabbing. It sure looks like congress members are realizing they don’t have to crawl on their knees any more! “We have had more discussion and debate over the last 3 days than I have participated in, on this floor, for the last two years. We cannot restore a functioning legislative body under current rules and leadership.” Matt Rosendale. Fake news is pounding at other fact news sites and pounding on Trump and they still don’t have the ratings. Smile. Meanwhile these behind the coup called “Never Keven” are becoming the most hated on fake news outlets, including Fox. Gaetz voted for President Trump and got his vote counted. Yet, that didn’t go too far. That sure looked scripted. He should have gotten at least 3 votes. After all they all love Trump right? Or is this the part in the show where we get to observe and decide who is for him and who is using him for their own gain?

Either way President Trump is a good sport about all of it and even posted his own funny meme about the Speaker of the House position. So is this the point where American voters call their congress persons and tell them to vote for Trump?

I can see Trump sitting in that seat. Can you? He would have a blast doing it too, what do you think? Remember also today in the Supreme Court they vote on whether to see the case, “Raland J Brunson v. Alma S. Adams”. This could be a real clean out of the unconstitutional schemes done in congress! What Raland J Brunson v. Alma S. Adams is Really About — Monomakhos

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