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Truckers Unite, Will The USA Stand-up?

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By Sherry Simmons February 3, 2022

Canada Vaccine Passport Protesting Truckers set the Pace for America:

On January 22, 2022 Canada closed its border to the United States to all un-vaxed commercial truck drivers. While Canada makes this claim can they close the border? The continued attack on freedoms and liberties has hit an all time high. People are fed up, standing up and speaking out.

Trucks move about 80 percent of the cargo annually through the Canada-USA border. The US-Canadian freight market sees about 160,000 truckers regularly. COVID 19 restrictions that created unemployment have already caused a shortage of goods across the world. Canada is the 2nd biggest supplier of goods for the USA, China being number one.

A convoy has embarked in Canada with thousands of truckers protesting. On Tuesday February 1, 2022

truckers arrived at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada for the Freedom Truck Convoy. The truckers converged, blocking the U.S. border crossing and the Capitol. Canada began requiring incoming visitors to be vaccinated for COVID 19 on January 15, 2022. The Biden administration concurs, requiring vaccine passport for entry from Canada to the U. S. while our border with Mexico has no such requirements. Biden agrees with the Canadian Vaccine passport while the Un-vetted, Un-vaxed cross the Mexico-USA border daily.

(The U.S. Border Patrol reported more than 1.6 million encounters with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in the 2021 fiscal year, more than quadruple the number of the prior fiscal year and the highest annual total on record as reported by Pew research:

Main stream media portrays this protest as marginal with no real impact and no disruptions to the supply chain. Common sense or common math tells a different story. The supply chain to the U.S. and Canada which is already in distress, any further disruption could be catastrophic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke at a news conference stating,

" Canadians were shocked and frankly disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nations Capital. We are not intimidated......"

He confirmed he would not meet with the protesters, vowing not to go near any of the protests. Keeping true to his word he has gone into hiding. News reports that two of Trudeau's children have tested positive for COVID and the family has gone into quarantine at an undisclosed location.

Farmers joined the protest on February 2, 2022 . According to a report by Times and Sales Reporter,

"100 Percent Fed Up – Canada’s Truckers for Freedom Convoy have now been joined by farmers and tow truck drivers, who have broken through the police blockades in a show of support for the trucker convoy is now blocking the US-Canada border between Alberta and Montana as part of their protest. The police set up barricades on the highway and called in tow trucks to come and remove the semi-trucks from the highway. While the tow truck drivers did show up, instead of coming to tow the semis, they joined the protest instead!"

Photo credit Times and Sales Reporter

"In addition to the tow truck drivers, farmers also came to join the protest, breaking through the police barricades to join the #TruckersForFreedom movement. the truckers’ anti-vaccine mandate movement".

Tension remain high and Protesters stay committed as police and protesters clash at the Alberta Canadian Border

This was not by any means the first hurdle the protesters have encountered. Now several days into the protest, determinations remain strong. Main stream media portrays the protesters as violent uncaring and disruptive, This is not the case. An average of 18.000 protesters have lined the streets of Ottawa without incident. Peaceful, but sometimes loud, the people are united and non-aggressive. Blocking the everyday business routines but leaving passage for emergency vehicles. Many videos show compassion throughout the community with people bringing food and water to the truck drivers. Tents have been set up, J-Johns are available, along with campers and food vendors.

Social media is paying attention. It is easy to find how the majority of People feel about the trucker protest. People are proud, people are mad and people are motivated.

Michael Sonnon February 3, 2022

"I have never seen so much disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies coming from the lame stream media. And that's saying something!

The alphabet idiots (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.) have been covering for the "Coward of Canada", Justin Trudeau and passing what amounts to nothing more than propaganda about the trucker protests going on in the great white north.

The small amount of coverage given has been nothing short of a slap in the face to the general public. To all of us.

These truckers have been painted as revolutionaries, a fringe minority, and have been accused of endangering lives. What a bunch of CRAP!

Nowhere have these so-called "news organizations" told the people they claim to care for, about the other protests going on that have sprung up from this initial Canadian trucker protest.

Truckers from Italy, Norway, Australia, Greece, and a host of other countries are currently gathering for their own protests. Yet they are met by silence.

The entire world is being gaslighted, smoke-screened, and lied to. Facebook itself shut down the page that was set up to organize and track the American version of this protest. Go-Fund-Me has frozen a majority of the money sent to the truckers, by law abiding citizens, on a lame excuse even they can't explain.

This is madness. It's a travesty. And any freedom loving human being should be mad as hell."

While Mainstream media continues to spread misinformation, ignored the BLM violent Protests Canada notably peaceful:

Rebecca Austin McCord ·February 1, 2022

Let's do our part while the truckers sit there and protest on our behalf.

Call and write and demand the removal of all mandates, vax passes, and the lifting of all travel restrictions, and every job restored to those fired because of mandates. Here's the info.


Her Excellency The Right Honorable Mary May Simon,

Governor General Canada

Rideau Hall

1 Sussex Drive

Ottawa ON K1A 0A1


1-800-465-6890 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.)

TTY: 1-800-465-7735

Staff Directory

Canada Truckers, The salt of the earth.....

Truckers in Canada are standing up to Justin Trudeau and his vax mandates. Talk about salt of the earth... I'm not sure how much of this is being covered by the US media; though I've seen a few very biased/leftist news reports condemning the truckers. We need more of this, here, there, all over the world. (And again, I'm not anti-vax... I'm anti mandate.)

Canada has certainly set the pace for freedom fighters, will America follow suit?

Update February 4,2022

Last night, February 3, 2022 several spoke persons met with Canadian media. The bases of their statements were to clear up some mis-information spread by the media. Reports of vandalism and violence had been aired through the coverage of the truckers convoy. Eye-witnesses assured the listening audience that although there was some disturbance it was by no means any of the truckers and protesters. Not spoken in words but relayed the suspicion that the violence and disturbance were possibly paid protesters to cause trouble and cast doubt on the dignity of the true protesters.

Some of the comments were also to make it clear that the truckers would not stay one moment longer than needed. When the freedoms and liberties were restored to the Canadians the protest would end.

Rumors of the military being deployed to take control of the protest were put to rest Thursday night. Prime minister Trudeau said in a new interview “One has to be very, very cautious before deploying military in situations engaging Canadians,” Trudeau said. “There have been no requests, and that is not in the cards right now.”

Not in the cards right now may not be too comforting, it may not be on the table at the moment but has not been ruled out in entirety. The world is watching Canada the people and the governing entities. Will the people regain freedoms and liberties? Will the governing forces consider other measures to take control back of their capitol?

The US citizens are certainly watching, waiting and perhaps planning a similar protest. These are unprecedented times we are living in. Many citizens are waiting for the word GO and many are waiting on our Lord Jesus.

For right now all eyes are on Canada.

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