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Trash this Grant ESSERlll

Dear RE1 Board,

This is very concerning and in hopes you will take this very seriously as accepting this ESSER lll grant is nothing, but jumping off a cliff. If we Don’t accept this grant we will not have to abide by this top down control.. Please consider either not accepting this grant or send it back. Once the individual states distribute ASP ESSER money to independent school districts, those schools will hire counselors who will follow the DOE’s and the NEA’s guidelines. The influx of Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Counselors into our schools could be parents’ next worst nightmare. If there is any doubt about the priority of the relief funds, Secretary Cardona dispelled them in a recent press release: Secretary Cardona Lays Out Vision For Education In America. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona assures the American public of increasing access to social, emotional, and mental health supports for all students. Public schools are undergoing a drastic systemic change, not for the better. Why Are Teachers and School Administrators Bold To Recruit Students To Become Transgender? Because liberal public school educators have no problem taking over a parents’ right to make moral decisions for their children. The liberal educators believe they know best for our students. They fearlessly move forward, emboldened by the backing of two of the most powerful institutions in America: The US Department of Education and the National Education Association (NEA). Mindy Nelsen

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I do believe that the GOAL of the schools now is to DESTROY the children.

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