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This Is A Manipulation

Mindy Nelsen Sun, Jan 9, 2:01 Dear RE-1 School Board, I watched the work session January 4, 2022, during the presentation on the Healthy Kids Survey from Laurel Shafer and Arlina Yazzie. They only mentioned a couple of grants that are received. They mentioned that the Healthy Kids Survey is FREE! This is a manipulation designed to remove the sovereignty from local governments who have been grabbing for grants instead of noticing that they are walking off a cliff. Arlina is very young and like most of us, don’t realize the damage of these grants these days. The girls made it sound like the survey keeps our statistics local. The grants are not local, and neither is the information kept strictly local. Just like when Common Core, there were 1000’s of mothers that went to legislators, and went to anyone that would hear them, and the response they would get back is, “It’s too late. We’ve already accepted the grant.” A lot of the grants that are available are working the NGO monies that are being led through the United Nations to push the progressive Agenda 21/30. Look at all these grants; scroll to the bottom to the blue highlighted area and click on funding opportunities. This long list of grants doesn’t even mention the 7 grants this survey utilizes that the girls mentioned during their presentation. We will see how they are aligning to achieve their agenda to flow these big government regulated grants to bribe our schools into obtaining information based solely on opinions. In the meanwhile, using our children as pawns. This survey is asking our children very inappropriate questions. Laurel even mentioned this is all being done on a volunteer basis. Why would there even be an option to have a censored version? She mentioned they have done a very poor job educating on this survey. They want the grants, and they will try to convince you, just as I am trying to convince you to save our community. The educational system has created this mess. So, once again, please watch this YouTube video explaining the instructions of this survey. Where does it say, anywhere, what the real purpose of this really is? We went to the BOCC and they said they have nothing to do with any of this except the system is using the local government to flow the money through. This can be devastating to our community. The progressives are working hard getting this agenda accomplished. Once the Feds get their hooks into the local community through the distribution of money from the federal treasury, they can exert total control over local government’s functions. Who would have guessed they would use our schools to do it and ask the kids such questions??? It was brought to my attention; we have to keep in mind as difficult as it may seem, that we are a public school district. With this comes the responsibility of receiving state, local, and federal dollars. We are accountable to our constituents for these monies; however, we receive a large amount through grants (as you have referenced). As a rural school district, it is difficult for us to exist without the grant funds, but where does it say? The United States Constitution’s Tenth Amendment bars the federal government from writing laws that dictate specific local policy. To bypass this roadblock, NGOs encourage Congress to include special grant programs that include strict compliance to the desired policy. The grants are then offered to the states and communities on a “voluntary” basis." Therefore, it’s not a specific rule or law that they comply with – it’s just their choice, should they want to accept the grant. Lis Richard wrote, " I have done some research into our grant funding. The surveys that were done in the past were not used to receive any of our current funding. " Why aren’t we getting evidence based information to obtain the grants? Where are the records of evidence for these grants? There has to be someone looking over these records. What really concerns me is what Lis said above in this paragraph, this survey was not used to get these grants in the past. If we look at the tobacco prevention grant we will see it is funding the Rainbow Youth Coalition. The Community that Cares and the Sources of Strength receives a grant to run this club. These emotional issues spreading hope, help and strength are overriding academic success.

Kind Regards, Mindy Nelsen

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