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The Twitter Files & why We Should Care

by Lori York DVM

Many of you do not use Twitter, and may not care what is going on. Many of you may not even know what Twitter is. So here are some facts about Twitter (from

  1. Elon Musk purchased Twitter in November 2022 for 44 BILLION dollars (that is Billion with a B)

  2. Twitter has 450 million active users, and the US is the country with the highest number of users.

  3. The majority of the Twitter audience belongs to the 25 to 34 age group .

  4. Twitter is the 7th most popular social media in the WORLD, according to a Hootsuite survey.

  5. AND, 55% of Twitter users access it regularly to get NEWS. and Twitter is the #1 choice for getting news among all other social media platforms.

  6. 46% of Twitter users said that this platform has helped them comprehend world events.

So it is VERY IMPORTANT that freedom of speech is allowed on Twitter. And Elon Musk's goal for Twitter was to make it a real platform for freedom of speech. Now that Elon owns Twitter, and also owns ALL of the communications, he has discovered, and admitted that Twitter is a "crime scene" and "the criminal activities are much worse than he expected".

Musk has now revealed REAL conversations between Twitter employees, starting in 2019, that are TRUTH BOMBS on the purposeful hiding of important information from the Twitter audience. These releases of information have come in bunches, now called "Twitter Files " #1 through #9. What if YOU were using Twitter to get all your news? You have not been hearing the TRUTH. You are only seeing what THEY want you to see. and WHO are "THEY?". the released files shows you WHO. (The FBI, DHS, the Intelligence Community, the federal government.)

The information is HUGE and OVERWHELMING. I found a good article on ZeroHedge by Tyler Durden (who also credits Daisy Luther) from Dec. 30 that discussed these files, and has found the best summary comes from the journalist Benjamin Carlson. This is the breakdown from his article "1. History changed because of this:

  • Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption censored

  • Covid 19 lockdown debate stifled

  • Trump silenced

You may agree with each decision. But there is no denying that halting information flow and free debate had real consequences. 2. Many things called conspiracy theories were true:

  • FBI was working w Twitter and paid TW $ millions

  • Blacklists & shadow bans were real

  • US intel lobbied to censor accounts

  • Covid-19 convo heavily manipulated

  • Twitter rules changed & enforced by whim

3. Censorship is being cloaked in the language of safety:

  • ‘Safety, harm, violence’ redefined to apply to ideas

  • Opinions & info deemed ‘unsafe’ subject to silencing

  • Jokes, memes, questions about origin of covid off limits

4. The government is policing opinion:

  • FBI has 80 staff monitoring speech

  • Small accounts on left and right flagged

  • FBI held frequent meetings w TW

  • Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram = similar?

  • Private censors & police control what you say to whom.

5. Social media executives lie freely:

  • Twitter execs repeatedly and publicly denied shadow bans

  • In reality, bans were in place as “visibility filtering”

  • Ultimately, no accountability to public

6. Free speech is controlled by a small group:

  • Biggest decisions in Twitter Files made by 3-4 individuals

  • Despite misgivings and doubts, once made, decisions stuck"

We should be very grateful to Elon Musk for these releases of TRUTH. Many people dont trust Elon, and many don't like him. Elon is not perfect. Neither is President Trump, neither am I. But God can, and does, use imperfect humans to accomplish some of HIs Goals. This means God can use YOU. On a small level, we can stay informed and then pass this knowledge on to others. People need to recognize what evil is doing all around us, and then be ready to stand up for our God given Rights when the time comes. And it is coming.

NOTE: another good article that sums up the Twitter Files is "What We've Learned From the Twitter Files So Far" by Shane Harris on

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