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The Truth about Tina Peters First Trial

by Lori York DVM

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ first trial on 2 misdemeanor counts was held March 1 to March 3. What was the Lying Mainstream Media’s headlines on March 3? “Tina Peters Convicted of Obstruction Charge” said 9news, the Denver Gazette and Colorado Politics.

What is the TRUTH? Tina was found NOT GUILTY on the first count of Obstruction of a Police Officer which was the most serious charge, a class 2 misdemeanor. She was found GUILTY of the second charge of Obstruction of a Government Operation (who knows what that really means), which is a class 3 misdemeanor. According to Tina this charge was dealing with an iPad that the authorities wanted, and the FBI forgot to get when they raided her home in 2021.

Tina was on the Conservative Daily podcast on March 3 and stated that she was “really happy with the results” of the trial. She “believed that the jury did a good job”. Her defense did not present any witnesses during the trial, instead relying on the body cam videos of the event that happened at the coffee shop when the authorities showed up to confiscate “the iPad”. According to Tina, the entire event was orchestrated to make a public spectacle of her while acquiring the iPad.

The prosecution presented a “prominent expert witness” that acknowledged that he had only watched one private video (interestingly sold to the police for $500) and one body cam video. He said that normally police do not restrain anyone in situations like this until three verbal warnings are given. Tina was put in handcuffs in 3 seconds. Her wrists had severe bruising from the handcuffing, and those photos were shown to the jury.

The hearing to announce the penalty for this conviction is scheduled for April 10. She is not worried and expects just a fine. Tina would not say whether she was going to appeal that guilty verdict.

Tina still has the most important trial dealing with her experiences with the Dominion voting machines and saving election data from being illegally erased coming up at the end of August. She is actually looking forward to that now that there is a mountain of evidence on the election fraud in Colorado. All this evidence could be exposed and proven to be TRUE in this upcoming trial.

If you would like to help Tina Peters with her legal fees you can go to to donate. You can watch the full interview at and look for the the March 3 pm podcast.

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