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Photo By NPR.ORG

By Lori York

Well, of course, we all know it was NOT a "spontaneous violent insurrection". Yes, Trump supporters did enter the Capitol grounds and building, but there is now real evidence that this was all planned and coordinated by a group of people that are now apparently not of any interest to the FBI. Why is that?

According to a detailed investigative report by Revolver News released on December 16, 2021, "New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web of Unindicted Operators at the Heart of January 6". This report has links to multiple videos with time stamps that clearly show that their conclusion of a "Booby Trap" deserves a thorough investigation. And NOT by the Congressional Non-Committee.

I would like to summarize some of these findings, maybe to help some of you understand the evidence and come to the same conclusion.

1. There is this man named Ray Epps from Phoenix, AZ. There are multiple videos of him on

January 5 and 6 declaring "We must go into the Capitol" and on January 6 orchestrating the initial breach of the metal barriers at the Capitol. He also directed people down a designated path towards the Capitol.

Ray Epps was put on the FBI's Most Wanted list January 2021, but mysteriously removed in July 2021, after he was identified and located in Phoenix. Even the Phoenix FBI claimed they had no idea who Ray Epps was. So even though the FBI arrested over 400 peaceful Trump supporters that innocently entered the Capitol, no investigation into Ray Epps has occurred. My conclusion is that Ray Epps is an FBI or Deep State plant. Just saying.

2. There appears to be a "Ray Epps Breach Team" (called that by Revolver News). One member is

seen calmly and methodically cutting down and removing "restricted area" fencing and signs from around the Capitol grounds. Others, with Ray Epps in the middle, pushed through the metal barriers and removed them. This was carefully timed minutes ahead of Trump supporters arriving after Trump's speech.

When the Trump supporters arrived at the Capitol there were now NO fencing or barriers or signs stating Do Not Enter. So, of course, they continue towards the Capitol unknowingly entering into an illegal area. They then could be federally prosecuted for trespassing.

Note: Many of the people currently in jail for suspected "insurrection" and denied bail are now being charge with "trespassing".

3. I thought this was interesting and suspicious. Many of those on the "Breach Team" were

wearing name brand flame retardant jackets, those that are designed for professional use in the oil and gas industry. Hmmm. How many regular citizens wear those when going to a peaceful protest? And why do all the "speaking roles” have matching blue and white bullhorns? Just asking for a friend.

4. There was "Scaffold Commander". Some researchers actually think he may have been the

Ringleader. He was up on a media tower that overlooked the Capitol's back terrace which gave

him a perfect spot to observe and direct the crowd. He was seen and heard on almost every video for 90 minutes declaring frequently over a megaphone "Don't just stand there. Keep moving forward" and "Fill up the Capitol" Note: the FBI are not investigating this person either.

5. Did you hear that on January 5 that a bus suspected to be carrying guns and explosives was

stopped in front of the Justice dept. Everyone on the bus was questioned and had to give a DNA sample for identification. No one was arrested. One member of the "Breach Team" was on that bus, and also has not been investigated by the FBI.

This Report goes on, showing how certain individuals continued to coerce the crowd into the Capitol. If these people are proven to be FBI or Deep State plants then all the Trump supporters now in jail have a legal defense of "entrapment" .

To view the entire report, go to Revolver. News and click on "Exclusives". This report is titled "Meet Ray Epps part 2" .

BREAKING NEWS: as I am typing this on Monday, January 2, the Gateway Pundit has just reported "Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ "commandos" at Jan 6 Protest. WOW. Will all the TRUTH finally come out?

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