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By Tom Cooper

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In response to Eric Sondermann’s article in Colorado Politics April 13th, 2024

I would encourage everyone to read this article from Eric, as well as the article I am about to write in response.

Then do something RADICAL! Make up your own mind. Get in the game and research the facts on your own. Then ask yourself, what truly resonates with me and my beliefs and values.

To begin with, I would like to thank Eric Sondermann for writing the above-referenced article. It is refreshing to see someone with his particular political bent so enthusiastically Self-Proclaim as a RINO. Not only that but to encourage his fellow RINOs’ to do the same.

I think that is a fantastic idea. It could become part of their campaign strategy. A candidate like… oh let’s pick a couple of Eric’s favorites, Jeff Crank could run as Jeff ‘the RINO’ Crank, or Deborah Flora, the “RINOs’ Choice”. It would save us a lot of time and confusion from listening to what they say during a campaign only to see them later for who they are once they’re in office.

Thanks, Eric… keep writing buddy… you’re a Gold Mine.

Since you like to skew the political discussion by name-calling, (just to clarify the difference, RINO isn’t name-calling, it is identifying a person’s true political agenda) I thought I would give a clearer explanation of what is meant by Republican in Name Only.

It is my opinion that there are two types of RINOs and one more Sinister Creature hiding in the shadows behind them.

1) Get Along to Go Along Republicans who don’t evaluate their candidates or their outcomes, but embrace being a Republican because they think it represents the conservative values that allow America to flourish. These are not intentionally bad people but could best be described as Lemmings.

2) Sociopathic Self-Promoting Republicans who haven’t got an honest or moral bone in their body. They say what they think will ingratiate themselves to the constituents while doing what advances their careers once in power. They are the most likely to be easily compromised or blackmailed, and forced to do the bidding of their masters even when the people they represent are openly opposed to what they are doing. Unfortunately, (Again, it is my opinion) this is the majority of people who run for political office. Cynical I know… but look at the condition of our country and prove me wrong. Benjamin Franklin might say today, “I knew you couldn’t keep the Republic.”

3) The Sinister Creature hiding in the dark, and just recently emerging into the public light are the Globalists. Karl Schwab and his World Economic Forum (WEF) and the many iterations and bad actors who preceded him, and join with him today. There are too many of them to even hope to mention here, but they are Satanic Agents who pull the strings of the Sociopaths, who in turn enforce their will on the Lemmings, who vociferously defend their puppetmasters.

If not for the Faithful God-Fearing Patriots speaking up and taking action, there would be nothing to stop them. That is why they are so vocally opposed to us today.

A Republican can be described then as someone who believes in and defends Constitutional Originalism and Republicanism, whereas a RINO pretends to do that when in fact they are working to aggrandize themselves all while tearing apart the Constitutional Republic they feign to serve.

I would give a warning to Eric Sondermann and his cronies, being a Useful Idiot may seem like the winning move while evil appears to be ascendent, but if they ever achieve their goals, the useful idiots are the first ones they murder. They know you have no values or moral character and that you will have an “Any Way the Wind Blows” mindset and they can’t allow you to be turned against them. It is the historical record when Dictators take charge. Jus Sayin’

Like a Democrat, a RINO cannot win the argument by being honest about what truly motivates them, so they lie. They listen to what the majority of voters openly want, and then absorb the lingo and start using RINOSPEAK. They tell you what they think you want to hear and make promises they have no intention of keeping. This is why for instance everyone across the country by wide margins wants the borders closed, and why the Republicans controlling the House never do anything about it. Another example is the profligate spending (Currently $1,000,000,000.00 every 100 days. That is One Trillion.) The Democrats write the massive Omnibus Bills and “Suspend the Rules” so no one has time to read it, and our Republicans in Congress sign on to it. Very few have the integrity to stand against it. When our lawless Judiciary joins with a corrupt DOJ and violates every protection afforded a private citizen in pursuit of destroying opposition to their tyrannical goals, and our Republican-held house does nothing to step in and stop it, you know there are RINOs in charge.

This is what Eric is so proud about? Hey Eric, I think you should start signing your articles as ‘Eric the Rino’. It might just be the first honest thing you have ever said. Just a thought.

Anyway, I would like to ask Eric to expound on a few points. You laid out a slate of RINO candidates and declared “an adult group of respectable, intelligent conservatives, serious in demeanor and ideology. It might even signal a party with designs on a comeback.” And, “Say it loudly and proudly, Republicans: We are RINOS and welcome the taunt. We reject lunacy in favor of sanity.” You opine about the party before all of us MAGA people showed up. So, let’s look at the Dick Wadhams Cocktail Party of the past.

Some of the luminaries Good ol’ Dick stuck us with.

Who could ever forget Dan Maes for Governor? Oh. He lost.

George Brauchler RINO Extraordinaire was going to be our Attorney General. Oh yeah, He lost too.

Well, we have Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn. They are party winners. Except for the fact they vote for the Democrat spending bills and never once question the demonstrably stolen elections of the last few voting cycles. Today they have both abandoned their offices early creating chaos in their districts and acting in concert with a coalition of Republicans leaving early and not running for re-election.

Why are they doing it you ask? The result could very well put Hakiim Jefferies, a radical Islamic Marxist in the position of Speaker of the House right before the election, giving the Democrats control of the House, a group of anti-American carpetbaggers and thieves who have said openly they will not vote to certify Trump if he wins the election. What happens then, if he is not certified the selection of the new president is decided by a Vote in the House! Who do you think a Democratically controlled House with a Muslim Speaker is going to choose? You can be sure it won’t be Trump or anyone who has been in the slightest way associated with him. Thanks, Ken & Doug. That is quite a legacy. You prove my explanation of RINOism perfectly.

I could go on, but there is a long string of Republican Wannabes that have been put up and either lost or acted in the best interest of the “Country Club” moneymen who use the party to advance the legislation that best serves their financial interests. (When I was growing up a family friend who was close enough that my brother and I both called him ‘Uncle’ was an upper echelon C-Level Executive and close business advisor to Phillip Anschutz. I highly respected Anschutz as a Maverick and American Icon. Today my opinion of him has been shattered. I see him now as a RINO version of George Soros). So, tell me Eric, what is it that you so detest about Trump and the MAGA movement? Is it you feel threatened because of your associations with the people being rejected so soundly today? Was it the fact that under Trump Tens of Thousands of Government Regulations were overturned allowing our economy to soar? Perhaps you didn’t like the fact that for the first time in our history, America was Energy Independent and had become a net exporter of Oil and Natural Gas. Or that you objected to Border Security, and deportation of illegal aliens (They are NOT immigrants by the way. You have to go through a process of immigration to qualify as an immigrant). Maybe it was the lack of inflation and rising prosperity of all sectors of society that you opposed. Maybe you believe that Sex Trafficking (particularly children) should be encouraged rather than prosecuted.

Is it transgender men in women's sports and locker rooms you find tantalizing? Maybe the runaway spending in government trips your trigger. Or the promise of a Digital Dollar that will allow the government to not only monitor every transaction you make, but to tax it, and have the ability to turn your access to your money on or off at will based on a China Modeled Social Credit System.

Wait… I know. It is giving illegal aliens the right to VOTE. That’s what you and your RINO friends want so badly. Is that why your preferred candidates never do anything to stop the border crossings? Over 21 million border jumpers at last count. They can vote for the UNIPARTY. You must be giddy with anticipation.

Side Note: I am sick of hearing it called a Border Crisis. What Biden & Co. are doing is Treason. Pure and Simple. And those who are complicit in it will be held accountable. If not on this earth, without a doubt in the world to come.

Of course, there is so much more the RINO Uni-Party Republicans have accomplished. I think you should write an article about that, Eric the Rino (Man the more I hear that name the more I like it.)

Let’s list some of those attributes the MAGA Deplorables live and die by.

1) Faith in God and His word. Living according to His moral laws that encompass (and indeed were the inspiration for) our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Law-Abiding society they produced.

2) The belief that All Men were Created Equal and should be free to thrive without interference by government regulation that is intended to divide mankind according to race. That, instead of keeping people dependent and ignorant and reliant upon government handouts, they should have equal access to education and the freedom to use their God Given Abilities to be who they want to be and who God intended them to be.

3) That every child is known by God before inception and constitutes a life. They should be cherished and protected and any intentional taking of that life is a crime against God and humanity.

4) Our schools should be a place where children learn Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Where they are taught Civics, so they grow up learning how to govern themselves and defend our Republic.

5) Our early education in America (Harvard, Brown, Yale, etc… all seminaries when they were founded) placed the Bible at the forefront of all teaching. It is what Blessed our Nation and made us exceptional. We need to put the bible back in education and remove all that is offensive to God. That means the deviant Sex Ed books being taught to grade school children, the transgender evil being foisted on pre-pubescent kids without their parent's knowledge, never mind consent. Anti-American Marxism. Racial Division and Hatred etc.

Side Note: It is my belief there is only One Race. The Human Race. We are all created in the image of God and various ethnicities are a gift from God to offer a variety of cultures and vibrance to our experience on earth. Racism is a tool created by the devil to make people hate each other for absolutely no reason. Those who use race to divide us are NOT serving God.

6) We believe that there needs to be transparency at all levels of Government.

7) Fiduciary responsibility in all levels of spending.

8) Accountability in every position of public trust.

9) Equal Treatment under the Law. (i.e. Trump witch-hunts vs Biden Cover-ups.)

10) Constraint on government authority and overreach.

11) To wrap it all up we believe if you don’t Love America, then Leave America. If you hate what we have stood for since our foundations, then you have the rest of the Globe waiting for you to join them.

Tell me Eric, for which of those positions do you hate and mock us?

To me, Conservatism is born in Self-Restraint and Biblical Morality. Maybe your view of conservatism is something different. I would like to know how you define it.

There is today a long game of Marxist / Communist / Satanic forces determined to bring America (and Israel) down. We stand in Stark Opposition to that. We defend to the death the following as so poetically penned by Ronald Reagan:

““You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

That Eric my friend, is what drives the MAGA movement. Is this what you and your RINO handlers despise so deeply?

I will add one more admonition to what our wonderful President, Ronald Reagan said above.

We are in a time that transcends politics and is a spiritual battle between the self-will of man, and the will of our Father in Heaven. Truly this is a battle of Evil vs. Good.

Anyone with a conscience looks at what is going on and is shocked and appalled. Those who celebrate the decay of civilization are enemies of God, who like Lucifer want their throne to ascend above the Throne of God.

Mankind wants to be God. However, Mankind, like the devil, are created beings and are no threat to God. This isn’t a war between competing powers. Ultimately, His righteousness will destroy all that stands against His truth.

With God, there is a circle of Mercy, in which an abundant life is lived. Outside of that circle of Mercy is only wrath. As the Apostle Paul stated, it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.

We all have an appointment with God (Albeit in different courts. The Bema Seat of God or the White Throne of Judgment). On that day we will each stand naked and alone and give an account for our lives. If you have not given your life to Jesus (Yeshua) you will have no one to advocate for you, no plea deals or trial delays.

Those of us who are true believers will have our sins paid for by the Blood of our Savior and will enter into paradise and eternal peace with God. Those who are walking in the flesh and in disobedience will pay the price of eternal suffering for as the Lord says, “The Wages of Sin is Death”. You will have worked hard for and earned eternal torture (your wages) for your words and deeds (your sins).

No matter what our political differences may be, please don’t let the second option be the one you choose. I’m sincere about that. It is not by the will of God that anyone should be cast into hell, and I don’t want that either. It is too terrible to contemplate. It is a choice, and each of us decides our eternal fate. Please make the right decision.

The events happening all around us today indicate that time is running out before the Great and Awesome Day of the Lord. I pray if you are not sure about your eternal destiny, that you will not waste any time in getting right with God.

Hell is very hot and forever is a really long time.

Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper is a semi-retired businessman who works currently as a consultant in the Industrial Marine Construction industry nationwide. He is a Christian and Musician, whose family are Jewish Believers in Yeshua as the Messiah. They lived in Israel for a decade in the 90’s and 2000’s. Israelis are known as Sabras. A Hebrew word descriptive of a Cactus and used to describe the nature of an Israeli. Prickly on the outside and tender on the inside. Tom is a Sabra. A Firebrand who loves God and People (and Dogs)

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