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The Peoples Convoy

Photo Credit Kris Young

By Vicki Broderick

The People's Convoy - Taking the People's Voice to Washington DC .

The reasons for the formation are many; not only showing solidarity with their Canadian brothers, but carrying the voice of the nation to Washington. Also, the convoy is demanding an end to the pandemic emergency powers because of the abuse of powers . Accountability and transparency are also on the list of demands. The MAIN idea behind the motto of the convoy: THEY WORK FOR US !

Truckers Brian Brase , Mike Landis and Christopher Marsten came up with the convoy idea and were then joined by Maureen Steele, as an organizer.

The People's Convoy left Barstow, CA. on February 23 and was traveling about 400 miles a day . They made nightly stops in Kingman, AZ. , Lupton, AZ. , Glenrio, TX., Elk City, OK. , Big Cabin, OK. Then on to Sullivan, MS , and a two day stay in Monrovia, ID. The last stretch was to Cambridge, OH. and then on to the final stop in Hagerstown, VA.

The People's Convoy organizers and participants were amazed at the outpouring of love and support shown to them . At every nightly stop , the community came out with a hot meal and donations . Those donations have kept them going . The overpasses along the route had hundreds of patriots showing support by waving flags and cheering them on. This outpouring showing so much love to the People's Convoy .

Since arriving in Hagerstown, VA., the People's Convoy has been making one to two laps around Washington DC, on the Beltway daily, with the honking of horns making their presence known .

The convoy has grown in size, as two other convoys have joined in, as well as many personal vehicles. As of March 6th, there were an estimated 5000 vehicles in the convoy .

On Tuesday March 8th, the convoy organizers met with Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson . At the same time, another group met with Senators Marjorie Taylor Greene , Matt Gaetz, and Tom Massie. On March 10th and 11th, Senator Ted Cruz rode in the lead truck as the convoy made its way around the Beltway.

The People's Convoy is making progress as some of the senators have listened to the people's demands and the stories of why they are there .

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