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July 4, 2024 by Joe Hoft

Early on the 4th of July I received this message from John L Kachelman, Jr., who has provided exceptional stories over the past few years about the rise of communism and what is going on in America today:

Thanks Joe! Sadly the courageous citizens that brought us independence from governmental tyranny have vanished into the gulags of tyranny. The independence gained by bold valor and firm resolve has been surrendered by a citizenry that glutted on selfishness and sold its soul for governmental conveniences. The courageous voices of freedom have been intimidated, hushed or imprisoned and hardly a squeak of objection has arisen as more and more are persecuted. And the politicians elected to uphold the Constitution and guard the citizen’s inalienable rights ignore or offer compromises that further erode the freedom that our “Independence Day” celebrates!
Unfortunately, Kachelman, Jr. is right.  It is only us and divine intervention that can save this country. 

For decades I traveled the US and the world leading and performing audits for a Fortune 500 Company.  I was involved with process, system, data, client, compliance, fraud and all types of audits.  I led audits in the US, Canada, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, India, and many other countries.  I presented to executives, audit committees, risk committees and boards in numerous countries and was stationed in Hong Kong for nearly a decade.

I wrote about the many oddities, errors, fraudulent acts, and cover-ups in the 2020 Election.  I put together three books describing the reasons why the 2020 Election NEVER should have been certified which supported the claim that the 2020 Election was stolen.

But rather than gather experts in auditing, process controls, IT and systems controls, to unwind the 2020 Election and address the many gaping holes that led to fraudulent results, sadly the work to date coming from those who should care about free and fair elections is almost non-existent.


The Democrat Party has gone full communist.  If fraudulent elections allow them to win, then keep on with the status quo. State and local election representatives aligned with the Democrat party act more like tyrant communists than Americans as they push the elimination of election integrity across the country and in states like Hawaii.

In states like California, election fraud is now the mandate and efforts for integrity are criticized by those in power who should welcome free and fair elections.

Any state like Oregon or Colorado that promotes mail-in ballots is lost.  The Democrats want it that way.  Many citizens of these states believe the states are red, but we will never know as long as mail-in ballots are in place.

Rather than confront the Democrat machines in New York City, Chicago and other major US cities, the GOP looked the other way.  Now these cities are being destroyed and raped by corrupt politicians and the corrupt elections emanating from these hell holes are being pushed to the rest of America.

The Republican Party RINOs

The Republican Party led by RINOs is so hateful towards those outside their elite group that they would rather see communism take over American than allow their party to be taken over by good Americans who want to save this country also known as Trump supporters.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are two leaders in this movement.

It was confirmed recently that Paul Ryan was one of the first to have the Steele dossier that framed President Trump and aligned him with Russia.  This document was used to frame President Trump, it was a lie and Ryan kept this to himself, ran the GOP investigation into Trump – Russia, and never told a soul that he knew the Trump – Russia connection was all garbage.  Ryan and the RINOs in the GOP are happy to do things like this if it means removing President Trump and his tens of millions from the party so they can run the GOP.

We see these same RINOs in every state pushing their anti-Trump agenda behind the scenes using trickery and lies to eliminate Americans in the Trump pro-America movement.  Missouri GOP leadership is removing Trump supporters from the delegation going to the RNC.

Missouri is only one of many states attacking Trump supporters and delegates and trying to remove them from the delegation going to the RNC.  This is happening in Florida and many states behind the scenes.

Democrats and the Deep State Election Industrial Complex

The Democrats are doing nothing to correct those issues and items that led to the stolen 2020 Election.  Their efforts have been to prosecute, and if they have to, kill those who raise up against the 2020 stolen election (see Jan 6).  The media chirps their talking points and integrity is thrown out the window. Transparency and free and fair elections are their enemy.

Since the 2020 Election the Democrats and their gang of Deep State thugs have put together an Election Industrial Complex.  This overwhelming effort shows that the Democrats and the Deep State intend to continue to steal elections by making it more of a science than an art.

The Democrats have refined their efforts at running corrupt elections.  They aren’t backing down, they are moving ahead with corruption and crimes.  They believe they can pick any candidate they want and they will do it.

New systems like poll pads, ballot print on demand, voter roll input systems, donor input systems, election night up-to-date reporting and more, promoted by companies like KNOWiNK are new technology not used in 2020.  With this new technology, a bad actor can register a voter, print out a ballot for that voter and fill it out and enter it into an election and no one will know.

GOP Election Integrity 

In response to the Election Industrial Complex put in place by the Deep State and the Democrats, and the 2020 Election steal, the GOP’s efforts to date are laughable.

The GOP strategy is to have so many votes for President Trump that the Democrats won’t be able to steal it.  (Really, how dumb is this?)  If corporations did the same thing in response to threats and fraud, they would fail.

The answer to corruption and fraud is to put in place reconciliation and system controls in all processes related to elections.  Fill all holes, demand integrity from all involved and hold criminals accountable.

“Too Big to Rig” is an insult.  President Trump crushed the Democrats in 2020.  He had more votes than anyone in history by far.  Assuming he didn’t have enough is a lie.

The GOP has hired individuals to look into election integrity but they appear to be hidden in the basement and prevented from doing anything to address the many issues with US elections.

The US House has done nothing.  They don’t bring up the facts surrounding the 2020 Election steal.  GOP leaders like Jim Jordan may speak tough in public but behind the scenes what are they really doing?

Indications of 2024 Election Plans

Some people believe that the corrupt actors running US elections may give President Trump the presidency and steal all the Senate and House seats.  This would be one way to keep the fraudulent election processes in place and fool the tens of millions who support President Trump.

Dem donors are indicating this is a direction they may go.

This may happen or those who select elections in America may steal the whole country again.  Taking the entire cake is more likely what they will do because this is what communists do.


If we are going to win the 2024 Election and save America then we have to do it.  We can’t rely on anyone else to save us.

If we can’t get rid of the corrupt, broken and non-secure election systems that are designed for fraud then we have to do something else.

What we can do is sign up to be poll watchers and poll workers.  Do this today!

We have to have more eyes on the process than ever before and ever imagined.

We must also prepare.  Training will come.  Overall we must guard all the paper ballots in and out of election facilities with our lives.  All ballots must be from valid individuals and locations.

We can do this.  We can save America.  We must save America so our children can enjoy freedom on the 4th of the July for their entire lives.

We must work like it depends on us and pray like it depends on God. 

Happy 4th of July – Let’s get going. 

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