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Super Bowl Sex Trafficking And Biden's Wide Open Southern Border


FEBRUARY 11, 2024

Las Vegas is hosting Super Bowl LVIII today and is bracing itself for not just a clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers but also the dark underbelly that typically accompanies such major events: human trafficking. As an independent patriot, I refuse to shy away from the uncomfortable truth. It’s time to shed light on the disturbing connection between the Super Bowl and the Southern border crisis exacerbated by Joe Biden’s reckless immigration policies.

When a city becomes the stage for the biggest football showdown of the year, it inadvertently becomes a haven for human traffickers. The influx of hundreds of thousands of tourists creates a chaotic environment, allowing these despicable criminals to operate covertly, exploiting vulnerable victims for their profit.

Las Vegas, merely 300 miles from the porous Southern Border, faces a greater-then-normal challenge in targeting these human traffickers. Thanks to Biden’s disastrous border policies, millions of illegal aliens have been allowed to flood into our country. As a result, the number of human trafficking victims has skyrocketed. It’s an alarming testament to the consequences of weak borders and failed immigration strategies.

Adding fuel to the fire, Nevada, the host state of this year’s Super Bowl, has been the only state in the United States to legalize prostitution since 1971. This misguided decision has not only compounded the difficulties faced by law enforcement but has also provided a fertile ground for the exploitation of women and children.

However, amidst this dire situation, there are some who refuse to be silent. Federal, state, and local governments have taken proactive steps against human trafficking in Las Vegas well in advance of the Super Bowl. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat from Nevada, has called on the NFL to disclose their efforts to combat human trafficking surrounding this major event. While we may not see eye to eye with the Senator on many issues, she recognizes the importance of tackling this heinous crime.

Kimberly Small, CEO of the local non-profit Signs of Hope, dedicated to fighting sexual violence and exploitation, has also stepped up to the plate. Small revealed in an interview with the Las Vegas Sun that they would be working hand in hand with Las Vegas police officers to identify potential sex trafficking cases leading up to Sunday’s game. Their previous collaboration with law enforcement during the Formula One’s Las Vegas Grand Prix race resulted in over 70 arrests and the identification of 200 trafficking victims. That’s the kind of action we need to see!

Yet, these commendable efforts are band-aids on a gushing wound. The Biden regime, while claiming to be a champion of human rights, is failing to address the root cause of this crisis. The connection between the porous Southern border and the booming child trafficking industry is undeniable. According to a report from Emma Waters, a research associate at The Heritage Foundation’s Devos Center for Life, Religion, and Family, about 60% of children who unlawfully cross into the U.S. end up in a hellish existence of “prostitution, forced labor, and child pornography.”

In a shocking revelation, it was reported that the Biden regime released over 400 children last year to “nonrelated” adults in the U.S., many of whom already had other children under their care. This disturbing pattern raises serious questions about the government’s role in facilitating the multibillion-dollar industry of trafficking minors across the Southern border. It’s a betrayal of the innocent lives being destroyed and a stain on America’s conscience.

The urgency for strong border security cannot be overstated. The Biden regime’s negligent enforcement of our Southern border directly correlates with the alarming increase in human trafficking numbers, especially during major events like the Super Bowl. Emma Waters, the author of the aforementioned report, aptly highlighted this crucial link and emphasized the need for swift action.

But let’s not forget another crucial aspect of this issue—Nevada’s ill-advised legalization of sex work. Waters rightly criticized this decision, pointing out that not only does it fuel the supply of women and children for exploitation, but it also makes it harder to apprehend the traffickers themselves. We must stand against any policy that endangers the lives of our fellow Americans and allows these heinous crimes to persist.

In conclusion, as patriots who value our constitutional rights and refuse to be silenced, it is our duty to raise awareness about the dark side of events like the Super Bowl and the Southern border crisis. We must demand decisive action from our elected officials and support organizations like Signs of Hope that are on the front lines fighting against human trafficking. Let’s stand together for what is right, defend our core values, and strive to make America great again.

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