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Summary of March 19 County Commissioners Meeting & Other Info

from Dexter Gill

FC 912 Newsbytes 3-25-24

"Notes on BOCC and plus "

I’m having a hard time trying to communicate on what has been happening since most local actions are to compensate for outside actions affecting locally.  Well anyway, here is a brief try. 

Photo of Montezuma County Office Building from Website


Each BOCC meeting deals with land use proposals for subdivisions etc..    Then the upcoming elections keeps the question on voting machines in question. 

The Land Fill is starting work on new Cell #5  since more trash coming in from both new comers and outside the local area. 

The BOCC passed Resolution 3-2024 declaring the County to be a “Non-Sanctuary” County , as the County does not have resources, housing etc. to care for unsponsored persons without jobs etc..  

Lots of meetings to discuss possible County  “public safety Sales Tax”. It is being brought out that the State mandates costly actions, and does not provide any funding, and Tax revenues from Oil & Gas extraction is going down, and the governor wants to eliminate it soon.  What will the county do? Triple+ property Tax, or eliminate road work, or a new sales tax? 

Recently, several “Grant Proposals” are being prepared and sent in for funding for several Enforcement  and senior Center projects.

The BLM director, Padilla gave a brief update on some local operations such as “Spring Burning” will be happening, and the  Gunnison Sage Grouse Plans are being reviewed.

Then mentioned that many new “Supplemental Rules” are in the Federal Register (which is making laws), but said they are not really new regulations, but are regulations to enable the BLM to enforce regulations that are already in place.  Huh???  

The Forest Service has reported that McPhee boat ramps will open April 15th.

Just got word that the "Assualt Weapons Ban" is stalled, but keep your eyes on it, in this "HOT" political season, you never know what Polis will do.

Public Lands Council news reports that the BLM has draft plans to remove over Six (6) Million acres  from potential energy extraction and put new rules  on infrastructure such as transmission lines and roads.    That comes at the same time as many (one report of 11) new “national monuments” are suddenly being proposed, involving millions of acres. Hmmm One being RIGHT HERE, the “Dolores River Canyon National Monument”.  A fight has begun with Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) entering a Bill H.R. 5499, that Amends the Antiquities Act of 1906, that has been and is being used to provide the President to simply unilaterally declare National Monuments. The Amendment will require a Presidents Declaration to be “Approved by Congress”. 

The Forest Service and BLM are testifying AGAINST the Bill.  WE  NEED TO CALL ALL OUR REPS TO SUPPORT  H.R. 5499.   It is obvious the Enviros are being used to push these through while Biden is still in office, to shut down oil and gas production.  Which is the same thing our Governor is doing with Colorado SB 24-159, to end all new drilling and thus production in Colorado There is a Hearing on Thursday, march 28th on this in House Ag & Natural Resources committee. Read the Bill at     E-mail committee at  


We are having a Great Awakening, realizing that things have been changing in the  dark, and now coming to light, so hang, on challenging days ahead. Much of our problem is that west  half of Colorado is under Federal ownership, independent of the State. Will send out more info on that shortly as this is long enough read.

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