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Summary of Commissioners Meetings

from 912 Newsbytes

By Dexter Gill


MTZ &BOCC  info 2-20-24

This is kind of a summary of three weeks: 

First up, the last two weeks had “public address” time expressing concerns over “voting/election integrity”, a growing national issue. The Clerk announced today, that the staff conducted a “Logic and Accuracy Test” on the local voting equipment in preparation for up upcoming Primaries, and the system performed 100% accuracy.

 Today there was more concern expressed over voter rolls not being purged of ineligible voters. For example, today one member of the public displayed a ballot just received for his wife who has been deceased for some time. Our County Clerk has been informed not to do local purging, that is done only at/by the Secretary of State.  The SOS was called and asked if that was true, and the answer was “no”, then a call back asked the SOS to put that answer in writing and or via e-mail, the SOS will not respond, hmmm  As you may recall, in the last general election, Judicial Watch filed suit against Colorado for not having purged the voter rolls.

Last week,  it was noted that the Composting Business in Mancos has been sold and the new owner, "CLM Composting” is now going through the process of securing new permits via State CHPHE.

The last two weeks several depts. have submitted proposals for grants involving monies for equipment, special projects from outside sources.  The BOCC approves these when the grants are not requiring  cost sharing from the County, or the department budget already has any needed share.

The BOCC submitted an opposition letter regarding legislation to closing or moving a 100+ year old, employee owned, sheep processing facility in Denver/County.  It is a totally clean enclosed operation.  Apparently, the Governor/Legislature believes “recreation” is the only economic income needed.  If that thinking prevails, then the new USDA Livestock processing plant that is NOW being erected on the southwest corner of Cortez off of 491/160, will be vulnerable before long. This is west and north of the new LOVES Truck Stop, which is NOW OPEN.

It was mentioned that the UTE Tribe is working on funding for a large Solar array electric generation.  “Sunbeam Project .com” Now it is reported that it will be third largest and will include manufacturing panels.  (remember when sun does not shine, they don’t work, and reflected heat will warm the local atmosphere more).   The Federal government is moving rapidly on installing several more of these on federal controlled lands.  Just heard of another proposal up in Moffat County I believe, in the middle of Big Game habitat. Hmmm,

The BOCC has submitted letters of comment on BLM management proposals regarding ”Big Game Corridors” (continuing part of the Re-Wilding), and maps of “designating habitat” for management of Gunnison  Sage Grouse.  The letters/comments emphasize how the proposals are negative to economy of all of Montezuma County. It is noted that past history clearly points out that there were more grouse and game when the land was/is actively managed for livestock and crop production.  You can read the letters on the County Web site.  This is all contrary to the purpose of establishing the State from the territory.  The BLM lands are not under jurisdiction of the State or County, only Congress.  Look for much more of this kind of action within the next 10 months.   The same is happening on east slopes of Colorado also.  The BLM plans to lock up 658,000 acres for decades to come around between Salida and Canon City, to “stay the way they are now” for wildlife, and protecting area for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting—which brings over $54 million into local economies, according to “Rocky Mountain Wild”. ( FYI, recreation is NOT an economic/wealth producer, but only a wealth transfer medium if and when available and is not sustainable or dependable).

Commissioner Koppenhaffer reported that the State Water Board will be issuing new rules regarding “Adjudicated water diversions”, which will require, and enforce, all diversions will have Certified measuring structures installed, maintained and operated according Law and regulations.  The past wasteful practices are catching up with us.

City of Cortez will be having City Council seats elections.  The Certified ballot has Six(6) candidates for four (4) seats

BOCC mentioned the discussion around a proposal for a County Sales Tax, emphasizing the declining revenues from Kinder Morgan, which has been a LARGE part of County tax revenues, and the need to lessen the demand on private property , spreading it out to entire population. Tax revenues from Oil and Gas has accounted for 57% of the County Revenues, and about 90% of the 57% is from KM.  It is being stressed that new sales tax would not be to grow County Government, but to fill the loss of the mineral extraction of KM and others, to prevent having to curtail services.   This comes at a time of MANY Changes happening and likely more unknown ones coming.  We may need to ask some questions, like “what do WE expect the County to do for US”?  Then “how can and will WE pay for it?   The County is “US”, all 27,000 plus/minus of us, including kids, even horses and dogs, which would be roughly 8,000 households.   Food for thought!

The legislature is a real disaster this year (as usual), and looking at the mention above on oil and gas revenues, the State Senate placed SB 24-159 in the hopper, directing the State “Energy and Carbon Management Commission” (interesting title for a State Commission), to adopt permitting rules  to CEASE ISSUING NEW OIL AND GAS PERMITS before January 1, 2030. This is all resulting from Gov. Polis’ initiating “Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap” in the 2021 Legislature and continuing, all to place Colorado in leadership role on the UN/Paris Climate Agreement.

As more food for thought, every new Rule or Regulation placed on any Industry or business, adds a cost to said operation that is passed on to the end use tax payer.  This causes inflation in cost of living, housing etc..  The Governor's GHG Reduction regulations began in 2021, what has happened to the cost of housing and food today?

Speaking about the legislature---   “My legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round, okay?” –Joe Biden, 46th President during the “Now This” forum speaking with “young change makers” on Oct. 23, 2022.   Apparently our legislators were the “young change makers” .

“the land is the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.”—Margret Mitchell (1900-1949), journalist and author, from “Gone with the Wind”.   (I would add Water with the land).

Dexter Gill 2-21-24

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