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Summary of Board of Commissioners Meeting Held Feb. 27

from FC 912 Newsbytes

By Dexter Gill 2-28-24

Photo by LKY

Planning and zoning presented a property variance request by the Ute Mtn. Tribe.  The Tribe had purchased the old “Woodys” gas station and store a couple years ago, which abuts Tribal property.  They plan to remodel and expand the building north along the highway.  Unfortunately the building expansion would continue the building location being within 2 feet of the CDOT Right of Way.  That would violate the County Land Use Code of 50 feet min. The old Woodys building would is “grand fathered” in, but new construction would not be. After discussion with Tribe, the proposal was denied.   This was followed by a “property boundary” adjustment on the backside of same property, which was readily approved.

In “public comment” time, the issue of “voter integrity” was addressed with one individual from the week previous regarding concern over receiving a ballot for a deceased family member, having received more info on how it can be done locally, and will be doing so.  Later in the meeting, the County Clerk explained the process for it to be done, and  that her office and phone is open to explain and help on that issue.   Other public explained that a group will be proposing to have the next elections hand counted along with the current machine count.  They would volunteer to do the hand count work.  Preferably the machine would be eliminated, but realizing time etc. would not work this time.

In other matters, it was mostly several Department applications for outside grants.  Then Commissioners reported that questions had regarding “sanctuary cities/counties” being overwhelmed, like Denver trying to send them out.  Mesa County passed a resolution declaring themselves “NOT a Sanctuary County”, what about Montezuma Courtly?  A similar Resolution is being prepared to be dealt with at the next meeting.  Comments were made that we do not have facilities or adequate funding to meet our own basic needs.  (Montezuma County is in the bottom 1/3 of economic wealth counties, and the governor wants to start closing Oil & Gas wells, which supply over ½ of the County revenues now). 


The Clerk reported that 3700 ballots received and all drop boxes are open and the “on site” voting also, check the County web page for details.   Thinking Voting,  The Caucuses will be happening on MARCH 7th, just a week away, get your location, time etc.  Very important, especially this year.


State Legislative action continues on toward a record setting disaster session, with now 555 Bills already, and still have over 2 months more to go.  How to decide what Bills to support or oppose is next to impossible, best suggestion is to encourage our legislators to OPPOSE, any Bill that purports to:

1.Benefit the States “Pollution Reduction roadmap”

2. Environmental  and Climate controls

3. Creates a new or additional Regulation on anything.

4. Establishes new or additional Programs for any purpose.

5. Any action involving “Health Care”,  unless it is to reduce or eliminate existing regulations and rules.

6. Any action involving Insurance companies operating in the State. 

7. Any action involving limiting or restricting individuals’ behavior, thoughts and God given rights and those listed in the State Constitution.

Hmmm that would mean the legislature could close up shop two months early, saving BIG Bucks. To look at the Bills for your self go to  and click on “Bills” then “All Bills” to view and read all 555 Bills, plus what keeps coming in. “Viewer Alert”, be prepared for becoming seriously depressed!

On the federal level the Federal BLM, USFWS will be having NEW RULE Making (which becomes Law), in March and April on  8 decisions on, Wildlife Take permits, Refuge System, Landscape Health Rule, Sage Grouse Plans, Westwide Solar Plan, Migratory Bird Treaty Act Take Permits, Endangered Species (ESA) Critical Habitat,  Section 7 Consultation.  All making “laws” by federal agencies, not Congress.

Why our money seems so worthless today?, one of our friends here sent in this video presentation that does an excellent job of explaining it, what is debt? Thanks Frank for sharing this.

“The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.” –Marcus Claudius Tacitus (200-276) Roman Emperor and politician

By Dexter Gill

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Yes to hand counting ballots and yes to a resolution declaring that Montezuma County is NOT a sanctuary county.

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