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from the Colorado GOP

NOTE: Petitions on this issue will be available to sign at Conservative Grounds, the HQ of the Republican Women of Montezuma County. 11 N. Broadway, Cortez. Open Mon-Fri 9 am -2 pm, Sat 9am-noon

The radical left, and unfortunately fake Republicans, want to drastically change Colorado’s election system. 

Wealthy leftist Kent Thiry has proposed seven ballot initiatives under the guise of “modernizing” elections, which could profoundly impact our political landscape and threaten the existence of the Republican Party.

Thiry’s proposals aim to eliminate the current party system, replacing the caucus and assembly pathway with a petition-only access to the primary ballot. He also suggests creating an all-candidate, all-party primary election where voters can choose any candidate regardless of party affiliation. Additionally, these changes would introduce Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), where candidates are eliminated, and votes redistributed in a series of instant runoffs until one achieves a majority.

RCV is problematic—it’s not easily auditable. Its track record shows that over 85% of U.S. jurisdictions that adopted RCV in the past century have repealed it. Some of Thiry’s initiatives would amend the Colorado constitution, making repeal difficult.

Even Democrats and other minor parties oppose eliminating the party system. Without it, the marketplace of ideas and party values vanish, leaving only wealthy candidates or those with substantial financial backing to succeed. This disenfranchises grassroots candidates and diminishes the role of party platforms.

The people of Colorado, especially GOP members, must understand what’s at stake this November. To counter Thiry’s initiatives, there is a group of grassroots activists who are running their own initiatives to stop Thiry’s efforts to include Initiative #201, which if passed would prohibit Ranked-Choice Voting.

Their initiatives need financial support for printing and circulation. They aim to gather 200,000 signatures for them by August 5th, with 2% from all 35 Senate Districts. This is a significant challenge, but achievable with your support.

If you are interested in learning more, add your signature, contribute or volunteer then please visit


Colorado Republicans

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