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Stay Golden?

Dear Mr. Pearson,

A year ago last May, in regards to the rainbow club Lynnette Ward had set up a zoom meeting with you. There were several of us that wanted to sit in and listen, but that did not happen, as you were running the zoom and wanted a one on one. It was recorded for us all to hear. You had stated it was your goal that all inflammatory icons be removed from the halls and there will be no signs in the buildings this year. Back in November 2021 there was a play at the middle school in which a parent attended and took photos around the school showing the halls lined with LGBTQ and the promotion of complete diversity placed in the hallways and in the main office in the rotunda showing the whole office lined with rainbow, LGBTQ, diversity, and you are safe here. (see attachments) This blatantly gives parents and students the feelings that there are only certain groups being focused on; these are inflammatory icons, this would be the equivalent of children/child wearing a confederate flag, straight pride, or blue lives matter emblems into the school for class. They are visual icons that instantly promote diversity, hate, and a mentality triggered to violence. It's also very discriminative and gives a child a feeling of inequality and not being wanted.

There’s a sign hanging in the middle school that says, diverse, inclusive, accepting, welcoming, SAFE PLACE FOR EVERYONE below Mr. Chase's name, this is all about sexuality! (see attachment) to me this is saying you will be safe in my room! Is anyone familiar with this statement? Sounds like a predator to me! Indicated by the hearts with the baby boy and girl colors and rainbow colors, I would call these inflammatory icons! There are so many hidden dangers in these icons. Are you aware of the MAPS which stands for minor attractive person, NOMAPS which stands for non offensive minor attractive person, then there's PEAR that stands for pro expression anti regression? These 3 groups are pedophiles that secretly attached themselves to the LGBTQ community; they have their own flag and colors. Are you willing to risk someone like that attaching themselves to one of our children?

Why is this in middle school? Then on the Montezuma Democrat Party Face Book page, it states when the community (Black Lives Matter refer to as village, see attachment below) has supports in place, the rate of death by suicide will decrease. Basically saying the child’s house is not their safe place, the village and schools are. Let the government take care of you so they can do it better! Do we see the big picture here as we all know the Democrats are for government control and for America to be ruled by the majority and not the rule of law?

(Stay Golden), (see attachment) so, if you don’t choose these rainbow gang colors you’re not golden?

These people have turned a rainbow which is a sign of hope that the Lord will never send another flood and erase the people from the earth into a sign of division and perversion. We are tethering the LGBTQ community away from God, with no evidence that God exists.

In my opinion they are meant for harm and bullying; if you don’t believe in their agenda they will bully a child until they submit. If a school flies a flag, it should only be two, maybe three flags flown at a school, the American, the State, and perhaps the school’s mascot. School is supposed to be about education and not politics, religion or sexuality. So, why aren’t you giving a child a safe place to go to the bathroom? At this point you are allowing penises into the girl’s bathroom this is not safe! If you want to allow excitement in the middle school during potty time we demand you to at least make a community bathroom so the normal kids can at least have a choice! What are they going to do when they hold it till they leave the building and not drink so they don’t have to go, this is not “safe”?

Isn't everybody getting the same thing? Fair is getting what they need in order to be successful? (see attachment) Now, they are trying to change the definition of Fair!

We all need to keep in mind that we are Local Governed, Local Choice. We realize there are some statutes holding us hostage with decisions in the public government controlled schools, but we need to use our voice where we can while we still have one

Best Regards

Mindy Nelsen

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