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After reading a biography of another politician and learning about her childhood, it made me curious about Shelli Shaw. How did her early life affect who she is now? So, I asked her, and this is what I found out.

Shelli was born in East Texas, one of 3 sisters. Her father worked in construction, so her family moved all over Texas, living in 10 different places. She actually adapted very well to the constant moving , always making new friends within days. This skill serves her well now as she covers HD59 ,meeting new people all the time. Growing up in the construction industry and helping her father showed her the importance of hard work and understanding blue collar workers. She started her “working career” making pizzas and kept that job for 2 years. She graduated with an Education degree from Texas A&M University, and then taught English in 3 districts and became an Instructional Coach, training teachers in best practices.

She worked as a District Administrator in Reading Intervention for 9 years, serving 16 Junior Highs and 9 High Schools.

Shelli and her husband Will have been married 14 ½ years and have 3 children, ages 22,23 and 25.

They moved to the Bayfield-Durango area to own and run a Bed & Breakfast and to live closer to Shelli’s parents who live in Angel Fire, NM. They spent months looking all around the country for the best location to open a successful Bed and Breakfast. They found just the right house in Colorado and worked together to remodel this home into a Bed & Breakfast. Shelli was able to use all her skills learned from growing up in the construction industry in this remodel and use her love of serving people in this endeavor. She also helps her husband build furniture!

After moving, Shelli quickly became involved in the local school board elections and was elected as an officer in the SW Republican Women of La Plata county. In January 2021 she became the 2nd Vice President of that group.

Shelli quickly realized that there was a need for a good Republican state representative in this District, but it was her husband who first suggested that she run for that office, noting her interest in local politics. Shelli said that she had to pray about it, and a week later she received another request to run for that office. She believes that it was God’s will. She has been criticized for running for office so soon after leaving Texas. Shelli answers that criticism with this : “we have Open Borders and people coming from all over the world with no vetting or background checks, but you are afraid of one woman from Texas? Did you know that Governor Polis lived 26 of his 47 years in California?” My questions are “What is the magic number of years that allows you to run for an office? How long are you supposed to wait when you can see something that needs to be done?”

Shelli feels that winning this position as a state Congressman is now her Mission Field. She wants to share with people who she is and share God’s love with others. She truly enjoys praying with people and wants to shine His Light in a dark world.

Shelli shows her Christian faith in everything she does. She unapologetically fights to protect life at all stages. She believes in smaller government and putting taxpayers first, and Colorado energy independence. She supports Parents’ Choice in schools, so that their children can have the best school suited to their needs. Shelli desires to be a voice in the Colorado House for all citizens of HD59.

For more information or to donate to her campaign, go to:

Shelli will be speaking at the Republican Women Freedom Night fundraiser on October 22. This event will be a sit-down steak dinner, with a silent auction and Lauren Boebert as the Keynote Speaker. For tickets, please go to Conservative Grounds at 40 E. Main St., Cortez.

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