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Shelli Shaw, An Inspiring Conservative Voice

I am not a politician. I am a Coloradan. I am an American. I am a concerned citizen, and it’s time We the People take back our country and our freedoms.

By Sherry Simmons

We sat down for a one on one with Colorado House District 59 candidate, Shelli Shaw. The first thing you might notice when speaking with Shelli is her energy. She is bright and clearly spoken. We asked Shelli to tell us a little about herself, she started out telling us how much she enjoyed the folks in Montezuma county. As we talked more, this was understandable for it seemed important for her to acknowledge others. She said there are People like the Montezuma County folks all over, "there are pockets of good Christian conservatives all across the nation." She went on to tell her take on why the conservatives have been quiet in the past. She compared it to manners and courtesy, not wanted to voice opinions, not wanting to make waves in the political waters. "When you look at the Bible, I don't believe God is political at all, God does not waiver one bit from Genesis to Revelations. His word is solid and consistent. If you look at how you believe on the political side....abortion or not abortion, that's in the Bible. Do you believe in taking care of your widows and your orphans? That's in the Bible. We don't have to ask those questions; they're there, the answers are there."

"I don't have a problem with being charitable, but let me choose; I don't want to be told I have to serve in this capacity , let me choose." She further went on to say, that God puts her in places and times and she honors that. She walks in faith and loves the Lord.

"I did not make this decision lightly- to run for House District 59, I sought wise council from the people that I trust, admire and respect. I prayed a lot about it"

Shelli does the monthly women's events at her church. In January she said, "I felt in my heart," as she listened to a lady teach about fear, for about 15 minutes; about fear. she thought about all the things women are afraid of right now. "They are afraid of what their children are being taught in school, they are afraid of COVID, they are afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of their husbands losing their jobs...there's just all this fear." It was just a little while after this that she decided to run, and she said a few hours later she looked at her husband and said "I'm so afraid. I'm scared." She realized this is what this was about, not just the other women's fears which were on her heart, but this is for her, too. She said she knew she was afraid but she was going on with it because, "God goes before me, God fights our battles, I just need to do it." She said God is asking her to step up and do her part.

Originally from Katy, Texas, Shelli had spent 18 years in education. About 8 years as a teacher and then in the district office helping with programs for children who struggle to reach achievement. We asked what was the first thought to consider running? She said it came from her husband. Shelli described her life in Texas as a busy mom with a career and when she moved to Colorado, she had time and began volunteering for the Central Committee. She said she dove into learning more about the Pledge of Allegiance, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. She is on the Legislative Committee watching the bills; she said some women from Archuleta county have joined and she invited women from Montezuma county. She has spent about the last 8 months diving head first into local and regional politics and grasping all the knowledge she can.

Shelli gave a good, uplifting feeling as we talked. An inspiring woman who clearly loves the Lord, and America. A woman who cares for our country, our children, and this nation's future. Shelli is most certainly someone to keep your eyes on as her dedication to this country is quite clear.

Please check her out and get to know her; I'm sure you will be glad you did.

My name is Shelli Shaw, and I am running for Colorado House District 59. I ask for your vote and support.
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