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Sep 21 Fight for the Racetrack

Coden Smedstad of Lewis Colorado is pictured, holding a notice for voices to be heard at this Tuesday's County Commissioners meeting.

A group of children placed notices on windshields at Montezuma racetrack Saturday Sept. 18th. An outcry from the community seems to be the talk around town. A recent change in the contract for the racetrack lease has stirred up many.

Cindy Smedstad, Coden's mother told the Cortez Chronicles, "the place means a lot, to us it's priceless." The Smedstad family have been attending the races for years. They began participating 6 years ago. Last year their son Trace at 15 began competing in the derbies. To the Smedstads and to many community members it is a fun year-long family project.

Cindy Smedstad stated, "Gene Williams is a great guy, he cares for the community and especially the youth. Its pretty easy to see how much he cares for them."

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