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Ron Hanks Warns Us of the Coming Chaos in our Country

By Lori York 

Ron Hanks spoke at the Republican Women’s March meeting this past Thursday and it wasn’t a campaign speech. He warned us of very probable terrorist attacks coming.

As a 32 year military veteran Ron worked as an intelligence officer with an extensive background in national security issues, and was deeply involved in Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection.  He has also worked in the energy industry.  He has personally gone to The Border three times, to see for himself the chaos that is there.

He was straightforward in his criticism of Biden. He even wrote a letter to Biden in 2021 and declared him a “fraudulently installed agent under the influence of a foreign power”. And said “We know you aren’t in charge”.  Ron pointed out Biden’s incompetence in the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan, and he called for Biden to resign. To read his entire “Viral Letter to Joe Biden” go to

What did Ron warn us about?

The Border Crisis.  It is believed that at least 11 million illegal aliens have entered this country in the last 3 years.  Some estimates have the number as high as 22 million, including thousands of military age men.  According to Ron, “they are organized. They have been provided with cell phones, transportation, and a monthly stipend.  And the unsecured border allows a free flow of weapons, which could include small arms and high explosives.”

He believes an attack is imminent, likely multiple events in multiple locations, using various methods of attack.  We can expect attacks on open air events, similar to the recent attack in Israel. Sniper attacks are possible, even hostage events in schools. For more information, see his report on “Terror and Our Border” at

In regard to our Energy: If someone takes out several transformers in a few critical areas, it could be devastating. Right now, all the transformers are made in China, and there is backorder length of years.

All our medicines are made in China. How can we trust our life-saving meds? How long before fentanyl is in everything?

Ron stated that he is the only truly conservative candidate in the large group that is running in CD3.  He is running, not for a political career, but to be in Congress to help Trump when Trump takes office in January 2025. He points out that NOW is not the time to be “reaching across the aisles” or “compromising our values”.  He states that we are fighting a life-or-death battle for this country.  He wants to help Trump Make America Great Again.

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Ron Hanks spoke truth. He informed us on the threats within our own government, borders and beyond. My vote is for Ron Hanks!

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