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Ron Hanks Running in CD3

Former State Rep. Ron Hanks Launches Campaign for Congressional District 3

December 29, 2023 From Ron Hanks Campaign

Today, former Colorado State Representative Ron Hanks, a conservative Republican from House District 60 and candidate for US Senate in 2022, issued the following statement: “It was a surprise for Colorado’s grassroots conservatives in CD3 when the incumbent congresswoman decided to switch races. While it might seem a setback, rather than criticize or complain, we need to regroup and be ready to assist President Trump in his next term as we dismantle crooked Joe Biden’s disastrous corrupt policies. CD3 is vital to the Republican majority in the US House, but HOW the newly elected representative votes will make the difference between an obstructionist RINO congress working against President Trump’s next term, or a task-oriented congress that reverses the rot of the Biden Regime. Remember Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell sandbagging President Trump for his first 2 years? We can keep that from happening again. CD3 must stay conservative. Not moderate, establishment, or rino. CONSERVATIVE. If we band together today, we have the opportunity to keep it so. We must rally and act fast, for at this moment, socialist democrats and their Pelosi-stooge, Adam Frisch, are attempting to capitalize on our perceived disarray. The danger is real, and it revived the enlisted man in me: I cannot sit idly by when a threat alarm sounds. I’ve stood in the line of fire of an unhinged leftist media and their puppet masters in the Democrat party before, and I will stand in the fight for CD3 and our common conservative values. The voters of CD3 know me well. They’ve seen my 2 nd Amendment Bills for Constitutional Carry and to repeal the ammunition magazine capacity limits. They know me as an outspoken critic of our unsecure, vulnerable elections. They’ve seen the bills I wrote to improve election security, transparency, and voter confidence. They will recall my effort to give parents tax relief for education choices for their children. And they will remember me as a fighter for the unborn. Before any of that, I served in the military for 32 years, as an enlisted man and a commissioned officer. As a career intelligence specialist, I know National Security. I firmly maintain Border Security, Election Security, and Energy Independence are vital national security issues. I’ve fracked the oilfields. I’ve planted trees on private land as part of sensible forest management. I’ve driven trucks, repaired runways, worked counter-drug issues, escorted nuclear and chemical inspectors as part of a US international treaty team, and spent time in Iraq and the Middle East area of operations during America’s Global War on Terror. I will not abandon friends, our cause, or our country. The citizens of CD3, who play by the rules and work hard to make ends meet, deserve an America First fighter who will always rally to a just cause. Holding CD3 as a conservative voice for Colorado and the nation IS a just cause.”

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