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Protest Mail-in Ballots, Vote In Person!

By Lori York

May 23, 2024

Photo by LKY: this is the sign outside the Annex Building for the March Primary Election. I had to drive right up to it to be sure this is where I could vote.

Did you KNOW that you can vote in person in Montezuma County (and actually all counties in Colorado)? After talking to people that came by the Republican Women booths at the Ag Expo, Home & Garden Show and Gun Show we learned that few people knew they could vote in person or how to do it.

Mail-In ballots are one of the sources of fraud in our elections.  Why was the COVID pandemic created? To force mail-in ballots in ALL the states so they could CHEAT in the 2020 election, (of course it was also meant to kill as many “deplorables” as possible). Have you not seen the documentary “2000 mules”?  It conclusively demonstrates incredible amounts of illegal ballot harvesting using mail-in ballots.

I voted in person in the last 3 elections. In 2023 and 2024, the Montezuma county Election office did a superb job of setting up the County Annex building for voting. It was efficient and took a voter very little time.   How do you do it?

1.   Go to the Annex building at 107 N. Chestnut Ave. (Just don’t expect a big sign pointing you to the annex as a polling place. The sign is tiny. See above photo. More about that later.)

2.  Present your ID (imagine that!)

3.  DO NOT use your mail-in ballot. Bring it with you just in case you are told “you already

voted”. DO NOT turn in your mail-in ballot. Destroy it after the election is over.

4.  Sign an affidavit that you are who you say you are and that you want to vote in person.

5.  A new ballot will be printed for you.

6.  Fill out the ballot in the Private Space provided, and then put your completed ballot

into the "place your ballot here" box. (Your ballot does not have to go through the "signature verification" procedure that MAILED ballots or ballots put in drop boxes do, since you have already been verified by an election judge.)


DONE!  You have now done one of your most important duties as a CITIZEN of these United States. I always feel GREAT after voting.

LKY: This photo shows an easily read sign outside

the Annex building. It does not give you the impression

that you can vote in person at this location.

Please Note:  Do not expect a Big Sign pointing you to the Annex to Vote.  It is obvious that our county election office does not WANT us to vote in person.  It is more work for them and it costs them money.  I am sorry about that.  Kim Purcell made a statement that undeliverable mail-in ballots cost the county a lot of money in returned postage costs. AND printing these mail-in ballots cost a lot of money too!  How many are never used at all?  According to the voting report for the Presidential Primary Election in March only 46% of the ballots were used.  So how much money was wasted printing and mailing out those unused ballots?   If we just printed ballots on the spot  for the people that really wanted to vote how much money would be saved?

 A few people have said that they like mail-in ballots because they are convenient. BUT voting should NOT be easy and convenient. According to one podcaster, voting should be HARD.  We should have to put forth an effort with plenty of careful thought and research. We should WANT to vote enough to make a trip to our voting place.  This has been done in our country successfully for over 200 years. It is that important.

Eliminating Mail-In ballots is one of the Ten Points to True Election Integrity

from Seth Keshel:

1. Clean out the voter rolls.

2. Ban all electronic equipment.

3. Voter ID with Paper ballots only

4. Ban Mail-in ballots

5. Ban early voting

6. Drastically smaller precincts

7. Ban ballot harvesting

8. Make Election Day a holiday

9. New reporting requirements for transparency.

10. Heavy prison sentences for ALL who commit fraud.

If you are interested in seeing the documentary “2000 mules” or Professor Clements’ documentary on election fraud “Let My People Go” they both are available to borrow or purchase at  Conservative Grounds, the Republican Women of Montezuma county headquarters at  11 N. Broadway, Cortez.

The Colorado Primary Election is June 25.  Voting can be done at the Annex from June 17 through June 25. BE SURE TO VOTE.  It is very important that we get the RIGHT candidates for Colorado CD3 and HD58 and HD59.

And please consider VOTING IN PERSON to express your concern over Mail-in Ballots.

Hours for Voting at the County Annex:

June 17 – June 25, 2024

  • Monday -Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

  • Saturday, June 22, from 9:00am to 1:00pm

  • Election Day: 7:00am to 7:00pm

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